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    My ED8 is loaned to my friend. Wish it was here to make the family full~~~~
  2. ThomDP

    Pro-ject Headbox II: First impressions

    I picked up a Pro-ject Headbox II to use with my HD600's and SR60's. Can the sound really be this bad? The amp is so bright and colored. Is there an recommended breakin for this amp? I've been running the amp for a few days now and the sound of it has not changed?   I'm not trolling and I...
  3. DJBaila

    Small Desktop setup - Pico Upsampling to 24/96 USB DAC + Pro-Ject Head Box II Amp - PRICE DROP

    For sale is my Small Desktop setup - Pico DAC + Pro-Ject Head Box II Amp...   Included in the package: •Pico Upsampling to 24/96 USB DAC Serie #210: The DAC is in good condition with slight wear.  The leather carrying case is also included and has a few minor wear marks. •USB Cable and a...
  4. AlanHell

    List of entry level TUBE amps + mod for less than $300

    Hi, I am new the to tube amp and wanna to have a sub $300 entry tube amp for my office setup. I am not looking for detail, attack, speed or treble energy since I already have very good SS amp setups with very good Dynamic full size headphones. I just want to have some taste on the tube roll off...
  5. Austin Morrow

    Pro-Ject Head Box II: The $200 Desktop Amp (Review)

      You don’t see a lot of high end desktop amps under the $200 price range (which is usually why high end desktop amps are so high priced, hence the name high end). Actually, now that I think about it, I have never seen a high end desktop amp under $200. With that being said, why is the Head...
  6. Xbeater

    Anyone have experience with the new "Pro-ject Head Box S"?

    Dear Forum,   I am looking to buy a headphone amp for my new Sennheiser HD598 since I find them a bit lacking in fullness when plugged into my PC. I do currently use my AVR (a Marantz SR7500) as an amp, but this isn't really a good solution as there is a lot of background noise...   I...
  7. fustrun

    Headphone amp for 2 headphones.

    Hey guys !   Well me and my brother are musicians and we would like to play some guitar together with our Byredynamics DT990 (2 pairs) Now i have my guitar plugged to an Eleven Rack (Recording interface and guitar processor) and my brother has something simillar then i want both guitars...
  8. netant

    Amp DAC for Beyerdynamic DT 770pro 250Ω

    Hello Everyone,    Thanks you all for having such a nice forum for headphone-guys.  After lot of research wrt my choice of music and budget i ended up buying Beyerdynamic DT 770pro 250Ω.    But I'm not able to decide on the DAC/amp, i was waiting for the fiio E17 but after listening to...
  9. Hallonsaft

    Amp/Dac for Dt 770 pro 80 ohm

    Hello there people :)   Bought a pair of dt 770s a week ago and have been using them with Fiio e11 since I've been on the road.Now however I'm back home and when I plug them into my pc the sound is so weak,I can have high volumes but the sound is "empty" Don't really know how to explain this...
  10. Chris85

    Pro-ject Head Box II - not working properly

    Hi All   I have a Pro-ject Head Box II headphone amp which I am using with AKG550s. Unfortunately I was rushing to set up and I inadvertently plugged the cable from my laptop into the amplifier's output and not the input. I listened for a few minutes before I noticed my mistake. I am now...
  11. Pro-Ject: Head Box II Headphone Amplifier - Silver

    Pro-Ject: Head Box II Headphone Amplifier - Silver

    LAB POINTS - audiophile sound for your headphones - quality components deliver deep bass and clear highs - metal case shields the electronics from vibrational and electromagnetic interference - gold plated RCA connection sockets - outboard power supply included LAB REVIEW Pro-Ject's Headphone...