1. rafeyhii

    Pioneer SE-205's

    I have found a pair of Pioneer se-205s in my dads attic, the drivers are rattling around and I want to replace them with some better than original drivers, I like the retro look they have and since they were my fathers and I got them for free, I'd like to use them. I will probably be mostly...
  2. gientsosage

    1/4in vs 3.5mm jacks

    I am rebuilding/wiring my Pioneer SE-50's. Should I use the original 1/4in jack with an 3.5mm adapter or just rewire it for 3.5mm?   I'm new to the whole hi-fi thing so don't flame me to bad.   Thanks, Gient
  3. BowerR64

    What are the oldest pair of headphones you still own?

    mine are: Pioneer SE-50 and the Sony MDR-D77
  4. amigomatt

    Disappointed with my Sennheiser HD598s. Thoughts about this..

    Hi guys,   It's not without disappointment that I'm writing this post.  I've given these HD598s a good few months now and I'm on the verge of selling them and wondering if anyone here has ideas about which alternative cans might be the next right choice for me.   I'd like to state that...
  5. kintamusic

    Pioneer SE-500 headphones

    I just bought a pair of the Pioneer SE-500 off Ebay for $50 and would like to know what is the best amp that works well with the Pioneer SE-500?Any suggestions are welcome.
  6. Primetime86

    The concept of soundstage is so overblown it starts to get a bit inaccurate when people recommend based on soundstage size.

    From lurking on forums, I have always seen soundstage as a feature in recommendations. I believe it is very unfair, A recent comment that stood out was "The k701 soundstage is huge" I own the K702 and many other headphones and the sense of soundstage is maybe  2-3cm more than say my mrspeakers...
  7. bigbargain

    Koss ESP-9 + /E.9 Energizer restore.

    I recently got some of the above phones off Craigslist. Got a pretty good price as they have problems. The original ower died and his sister was selling off his stuff. Needless to say, any problems I will find could range from simple to fatal. Who knows. I will try to document the restoration...
  8. fatcat28037

    Pioneer SE-50, 1972 vintage

    1972 Vintage Pioneer SE-50 headphones in a beautiful presentation box. These phones have a coil cord and sound great. CONUS shipping & PP fees included. 
  9. gientsosage

    Help rebuilding Pioneer SE-50's

    I am looking for a source for replacement drivers. I picked up a set of Pioneer SE-50's and would like to replace the drivers while I am in the process of rewiring them.   Here are the specs from audiokarma:   MODEL: Pioneer SE-50 Stereo Headphones FEATURES: Frequency Response...
  10. jtaylor991

    Pioneer SE-50 pads?

    Does anyone know where I can get some new pads for my Pioneer SE-50 headphones? I want to see how well I can get them to fit me, as they pretty much just hang on ym head, like they almost swing if I lean forward.   They are black, oval shaped ones.   So holding them vertically, up and...
  11. falconz

    VIntage Pioneer headphones disassembly

    Hi!   I have a small collection of vintage Pioneer headphones, all sorts between late 60s and early 80s. One thing I've never been willing to do is pull them to bits for repair without knowing how to do it; too worried I'll damage them by forcing something that isn't designed to be forced...
  12. Pioneer SE-50

    Pioneer SE-50

    The Pioneer SE-50 was a two way design manufactured by Pioneer from 1969 to 1972. It incorporated a 1-9/16" tweeter for highs, and a 3" woofer for lows. The tweeters are controlled by two knobs on one side of each ear cup. The headphones also offered independent volume control of each ear cup...