1. sapho

    Cheap DAC with Ethernet Input? Lan vs USB

    Hi,   Does anyone of you know a cheap DAC with an Ethernet input? In fact, I needed two inputs: 1 digital for CD, 1 LAN for PC. Are there differences between the quality of the signal via USB and through LAN? How looks problem with jitter via Ethernet? Why only expensive devices offer...
  2. MorbidToaster

    Internet Streamer w/ Best iDevice App?

    So I'm looking for a device that will allow me to stream internet radio and control it with an iDevice (iPhone 5 and later an iPad).    There are tons of devices that do a lot of stuff I don't need, but I'm only considering internet radio (mainly to listen to BBC Radio at home). My main...
  3. jvliddle

    Basic question about setting up a headphone system in my living room

    Hi all - apologies for what I'm sure is well tread territory - I'm just having a little bit of trouble answering this question.  I want to create a headphone system in my living room where I can just switch on my music easily, have quick access to my entire library, and sit back, stick my...
  4. project86

    Streaming Audio Devices: review and information thread (Updated 4/23 with JF Digital review)

        INTRO It’s commonly stated that physical media is on the way out. Soon we will operate purely in the digital realm, with all of our music being downloaded and stored on hard drives. We are already there when it comes to portable systems – it’s exceedingly rare to find anyone using...
  5. Pioneer Elite N-50 network audio player

    Pioneer Elite N-50 network audio player

    Network audio player with digital inputs for DAC functionality