1. Penon Serial

    Penon Serial

    PENON SERIAL Triple Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile In-Ear Monitors Description Medical grade resin cavity, light and beautiful, comfortable to wear, no strange feeling in contact with the skin. Semi-transparent black shell, the panel is made of stabilized wood red, blue, and green 3...
  2. Penon Legend

    Penon Legend

    Penon Legend 13BA – TOTL Flagship HiFi Audiophile In-ear Monitor with Tuning Switches Description 3 tuning switches , 4-way crossover , 4 catheter 4 Sonion bass frequency open hole balanced armature 4 Sonion intermediate frequency balanced armature 4 Sonion high frequency balanced armature 1...
  3. Penon Totem

    Penon Totem

    PENON Totem – Flagship Gold Silver Copper Palladium Coaxial IEM Cable Material: Single crystal copper silver-plated Litz 6 Palladium-plated pure silver Single crystal copper plated with pure gold Core:2 shares, 334 cores per share Outer diameter:2.8mm Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC...
  4. Penon Orb

    Penon Orb

    Penon Orb HiFi Audiophile IEM Balanced Armature+ Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable Audiophile IEMS 10mm dynamic driver Graphite fiber wire paper dome soft grainless vibrating membrane Exclusive customization, brass is processed by...
  5. Penon Sphere

    Penon Sphere

    Specification Driver: Balanced Armature Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz Impedance:6Ω@1kHz Sensitivity:118dB/1mW Passive noise reduction: 26dB Earphone interface: 2Pin 0.78mm Plug:3.5mm Cable Length: 1.2M Package SPHERE IEM 6 pairs of silicone eartips Wooden case (ONLY...