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  2. Tuberoller1

    USB Cable popularity check

    There has recently been a huge increase in the amount of different hi end USB cables out there, so I wanted to see which ones are the most popular, personally I have a Cardas Clearlink, but am looking to upgrade   So, copy the most updated list, paste it in the reply box and add your cable...
  3. CB3874

    need help upgrading USB cable

      Hello,   I feel like I'm about to kick a hornet's nest by asking this. Can someone suggest an USB cable upgrade for my Apogee Duet 2? I'm not concerned about how it sounds because that's subjective and there are a zillion posts here on how various USB cables sound that make your head...
  4. Pangea Audio - USB cable - PCOCC & 4% silver - 1.5 Meter

    Pangea Audio - USB cable - PCOCC & 4% silver - 1.5 Meter

    Boasting silver-plated PCOCC signal conductors, Pangea Audio USB-PC USB cable is designed specifically to deliver high-speed digital audio signals. Its proprietary geometry is optimized for digital audio signal transfer. The USB High Speed 2.0 rating supports up to 480 Mbit/s data transfer rate...