output impedance
  1. M

    Output Impedance and IEM Impedance

    I want to use the TinHiFi T2 IEM to listen to my guitar through the headphone output of my guitar amplifier. The IEM has an Impedance of ~16 Ohms and the Headphone Output of the guitar amplifier has an output impedance of ~32 Ohms. Based on these measurements of the IEM, Impedance Curve...
  2. Jumbotron

    Need help finding good replacement with lower output impedance for Asus Essence STX sound card

    Hello, I currently own a modest (both in number and value) collection of headphones, most of which have low impedance (32 to 60 ohm). The source is an Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card and the OS is Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. I like gaming, listening to music and watching movies with headphones...
  3. J

    Can I damage my new headphones with an amp

    Hi, new poster on this site :). Recently acquired some Dt770 pro 80 when my ath m50x headband broke. initially i was dissapointed by sound and was aware that an amp might resolve the issue. Before purchasing an amp i tried an amp from an old set of (not very good) bookshelf speakers my dad had...
  4. Nidhal

    [SOLVED] How to compensate for high amp output impedance?

    Hello good folk, I just got my Sennheiser HD 579 today, I own a Creative Soundblaster Z internal soundcard, the output impedance of that bad boy is I think around 20 Ohms, headphones impedance is 50 Ohms, this does not comply with the 1/8th rule, so what can I do? how do I calculate exactly how...