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  1. Asahi Templar

    WTS Burson Playmate Everest Class A Amp/DAC

    Up for your consideration is a Burson Playmate AMp/DAC combo unit. This is the silver Everest version of the Playmate which went for $750 originally. It includes 4 V6 Burson OP amps (2 Vivid and 2 Classic) which Burson considers the best combo for the Playmate. I am selling it for $425 which is...
  2. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD Burson Fun Amp Basic Model SOLD

    For sale a lightly used Burson Fun Amp. This thing is powerful and really is fun when you roll op amps in it. It comes with the stock Ne5534 op amps. It sounds very good stock but the Burson V 6 Vivid series or the Sparkos op amps really open it up. Price is $190 and that includes fees and...
  3. Asahi Templar


    Up for your consideration is a Burson Playmate Everest version DAC/AMP Combo! This is the most expensive silver version which retails for $749 and I only asking $499 (shipping included!), quite a savings! It comes with 2 Burson V6 Vivid OP amps and 2 V6 Classic OP amps installed. I am selling...
  4. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD FS Two sets of Burson Op Amps SOLD

    For sale are three sets of perfectly working Burson op amps. Selling individually or as a bundle. Item A Qty 1 V5-OPA-D Dual Item B Qty 2 V6 Classic Single Price and shipping as follows: Buy 1 item is $55 shipped 2 items are $100 shipped V6 Vivid s are sold. Will ship the next day...
  5. Kevin Tam

    2pcs JRC MUSES02 op amp

    Bought these 4 years ago from a reputable dealer in Hong Kong. These are selling for $92.50USD + shipping for a new pair on Mouser You are saving >$55 (>60% off) from me for a pair of well burned-in MUSES02 Op-amp. The MUSES02 is a bipolar input dual op-amp. It adds a romantic coloration to...
  6. F.AUDIO XS-02

    F.AUDIO XS-02

    F.Audio XS-02 32GB Dual AK4490EQ + TPA6120A2 PCM & DSD HiFi Audiophile Lossless Music Player Description The first generation XS-01 are highly rated and with civilian price ,after two years later, following the XS-01, the new XS-02 uses the software functional architecture of FA1 , 2.0-inch...
  7. B

    How does burr brown pcm 5242 dac compare to akm verita 4490es

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  8. GivenTheOkiDoke

    Some Little Dot 1+ Questions

    I just got my first hybrid amp and a few differant tubes to try out. First question is how hard do I push the tubes down in the slot? Second what is the best way to remove the op amp? Is there an easy tool I can buy or something around the house? I was reading a small jewlers flat head could...
  9. Insomnymous

    Finished, please close :)

    Got what I was looking for, please close thread :)
  10. .Sup

    sold: lot of opamps

    Hi, I'm selling lightly used or unused dual and single opamps. 2x dual Moons, 2x single Moons, 2x single Suns, 2x single Bursons and 2x other dual opamps (see photo before the last) + a few extension cables if there is not enough room to fit them in your amp. Worldwide shipping is included in...