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  2. NiceHCK DIY MX500

    NiceHCK DIY MX500

    Specification: 1. Product Name: NICEHCK DIY MX500/PK1 Earbud In Ear Earphone Earbud 2. Model: DIY MX500 / PK1 3. Type: earbud 4. Impedance: 16Ω 5...
  3. Sunstealer

    ***PRICE DROP*** Cheap Cable Clearout. Last one!

    Price are UK including fees and shipping. 4.4mm MMCX NiceHCK 16-3 copper cable: £12
  4. Damz87


  5. Keane182

    Wts Nicehck Oalloy cable [Hakuzen# 210]

    Selling 1x Nicehck Oalloy cable [Hakuzen# 210] - USD90 1x Nicehck Oalloy cable - terminated in 2 pins [0.78mm] - 3.5mm SE plug - without earhooks 1x Nicehck carrying case Reason for selling: Used for 4-5 days. Bought the cable to pair with Spring 1. Shipping and PayPal fees on Buyer Meetup if...
  6. T

    [SOLD] NiceHCK NK10 - a 10BA-per-side IEM

    NiceHCK NK10. Features 10 BAs per side. A “chi-if” multi-BA done right. Reviews: Originally acquired from a fellow Head-Fier, I just had it fully refurbished (incl shell) and the IEMs are now brand new. Includes an 8-core copper...
  7. Sunstealer

    NiceHCK 16-3 copper cable 0.78mm 2 pin

    Barely used NiceHCK 4.4mm 16 core copper cable. Standard 0.78mm 2pin: £18 / €22, includes postage.
  8. Nicehck ME80

    Nicehck ME80

    1. Product Name: NICEHCK ME80 metal earbud 2. Brand: NICEHCK 3. Model: ME80 4. Type: Earbud 5. Impedance: 34Ω 6. Eerphone sensitivity:109dB/mW 7. Frequency range:20-25000Hz 8. THD: <1%@1KHz 9. Eerphone plug type: 3.5mm straight plug 10.Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm 11.Color...
  9. Karendar

    SOLD - NiceHCK F3 hybrid planar+DD+BA IEM

    Hello, Up for sale is a nicehck F3 hybrid IEM. More info here. They are in perfect shape, have only been worn a few times. They're excellent IEM's which need proper driving. Comes with original tips, original case, 8 core Nicehck cable and original box. Buyer pays shipping, will ship...
  10. subwoof3r

    FS: NiceHCK EBX earbuds (MINT condition) / new price!

    Hi there, Selling my pair of NiceHCK EBX (MMCX) earbuds. Mint condition (zero micro scratch nor shock, as I’m extremely meticulous). They will comes with a MMCX upgraded cable from NiceHCK for the sale (possibility to sale without the cable) and of course all their original stock elements...
  11. rantng

    SOLD - FS [US] - NiceHCK NK10 10BA per side

    NiceHCK NK10. Features 10 BAs per side. A “chi-if” multi-BA done right. Unfortunately, nozzles are a bit large for my small ear canals. Includes a nice (no pun intended) 8-core copper cable, soft & pliable. Soft carrying case. I’ll throw in some silicon ear tips. Price includes shipping (sorry...
  12. NICEHCK F3


    Specification: 1. Product Name: NICEHCK F3 flagship planar-magnetic 3 unit hybrid in-ear earphone 2. Brand: NICEHCK 3. Model: F3 4. Earphone type: In-ear 5. Impedance: 16Ω 6. Earphone sensitivity: 95dB/mW 7. Frequency response range: 20-28000Hz 8. Plug Type: 3.5mm Straight 9. Cable Length...
  13. Victorfabius

    [SOLD!] NiceHCK NK10 - $235 OBO

    Hello! I have a NiceHCK NK10, 10-driver IEM for sale. I'm the second owner. It's in decent condition, and comes with a 3.5mm cable and case. Also a small selection of unused tips. I will post pics on request. In all honesty I've been using this one daily at work, primarily for audiobooks and...
  14. NiceHCK M6

    NiceHCK M6

    Specification: 1. Product Name: Original NICEHCK M6 In Ear Metal Earphone 2. Brand: NICEHCK 3. Model: M6 4. Earphone type: In-ear 5. Impedance: 17Ω 6. Earphone sensitivity...
  15. Dsnuts


    I did a review for these. These are great sounding earphones and I will sell these to whomever wants to try them for what I bought them for. I am asking $260 shipped and paypaled. Great deal for the first person to pick these up from me. My review here. I own a higher end DZ12 so no need for...
  16. NiceHCK EB2

    NiceHCK EB2

    NiceHCK EB2 is the new model of the store. After the successful TOTL EBX, the EB2 wants to show that a good sound can also be achieved at a more adjusted price. Sensitivity: 116dB Resistance: 32Ω Frequency Response Range: 15-25000Hz
  17. Lurk650

    NiceHCK HK6 (ChiFi 6BA)

    Quick sale to fund another purchase. Only about a month old. VE MassDrop Midnight Blue cable. Uses MMCX. Haven't used in quite a while. Imaging and depth are excellent, forward lower mids but still retains clarity and balance due to an extended top end. 48 States only. Will ship USPS fast.
  18. SilverLodestar

    WTS: NiceHck HK6 (6BA IEM)

    Selling my lightly-used NiceHck HK6 IEMs that I bought not too long ago. I found them a tad too mid-bassy for me, otherwise they sound great. They come with all the accessories (eartips, cable clip, case) and the cable is optional. With cable: $200 Without cable: $170 Or PM me with any...
  19. NiceHCK HC5 In-Ear Monitor

    NiceHCK HC5 In-Ear Monitor

    NiceHCK HC5 In-Ear Monitor About NiceHCK Audio: The company NICEHCK Audio was founded in 2015 in Shenzhen and is a professional dealer and trader of Chinese Hi-Fi Audio products, such as: Hi-Fi Earphone, Portable Player, Amplifier, Cable, Accessories. The main goal of NiceHCK is to provide...
  20. M

    Help appreciatet for Picking Out Monitor IN-Ears (Musician)

    Hello everyone Introduction about me (unimportand): I'm a new Member to this Forum (in fact registered just today:ksc75smile:) I have been pasively reading and consuming reviews and what not on here, and so far you guys helped me a ton. But with all the reviews I've read and my still somewhat...