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  1. Sennheiser

    Save the date: a Sennheiser CES debut

    Hello Head-Fi, The Consumer Electronics Show ("CES") is nearly upon us, and we have a few technology-leaning announcements to make. We know most of you will not be able to attend CES, so we'll be livestreaming the our media event on January 8th at 12:30pm Pacific Time, live from Las Vegas. You...
  2. MusicTeck

    ALERT: New arrivals and back-in-stock at MusicTeck!

    Happy April! Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition: Cayin C9...
  3. 64Audio

    64 Audio - Introducing Fourté Noir™️

    Introducing Fourté Noir™️ Nine years ago, we set out to challenge everything the industry knew about in-ear monitor design. To celebrate our anniversary, we're introducing the limited edition Fourté Noir, an homage to our award-winning flagship IEM. Noir maintains an all tubeless, hybrid design...
  4. B

    Anybody can recommend a proper Headphone for me?

    Hi, everybody! Glad to join you! I am a music enthusiast of popular music, and I am new about professional headphone, so I can not figure out a headphone for my enjoyment of popular music yet, can you guys recommend? Thanks.
  5. George-gearbest

    2021-03-16| Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 $42.99

    This thread is create to bring cheaper headphones price to you. If anyone found any headphone price cheaper than following list, please tell me, I will try to make more discount. All products are 100% original from manufacturer. If anyone found any fake headphone, please tell me, i will make...