1. ClarinetsRock

    Looking for headphones under $50

    Hello everyone! I currently have the Sennheiser HD 201. However, recently, after having them for a few years, the cable went out and I'm looking for a new set of headphones. Can you please help me find a good set of headphones for under $50? I am a musician and composer on a budget at...
  2. P

    IEM Recommendation for Musician $50 - $200

    I am a weekend warrior musician trying to get away from wedge monitors and into IEM's for stage use. Last year I bought a Shure PSM200 wireless transmitter and some MEElectronics M6 Pro's and had poor results. The issue I have is the PSM 200 has ear protection that compresses and limits the...
  3. S

    Advice Needed

    I am a musician but do not call myself an audiophile. I am however interested in getting the best sounding set-up for the price and this forum seems to know what they are talking about. I have a pair of akg k702s that I have used for years without an amplifier, and while reading posts on this...
  4. MIPRO MI-909 Wireless IEM System

    MIPRO MI-909 Wireless IEM System

    Manufacturer’s Synopsis MI-909T Digital Stereo Transmitter The MI-909T is a rugged digitally-encrypted rack transmitter. It operates in a 64 MHz wide bandwidth and allows multiple preset compatible channels operation. Delivering up to 50mW output power, it has high dynamic range stereo audio...
  5. M

    Help appreciatet for Picking Out Monitor IN-Ears (Musician)

    Hello everyone Introduction about me (unimportand): I'm a new Member to this Forum (in fact registered just today:ksc75smile:) I have been pasively reading and consuming reviews and what not on here, and so far you guys helped me a ton. But with all the reviews I've read and my still somewhat...
  6. taffy2207

    The Great Gig In The Sky (The R.I.P. Thread) NEW RULES IN 1ST POST

    The resting place for all our Music heroes who have recently gone to the Great Gig In The Sky. THREAD RULES Name and D.O.B. AND D.O.D. of the person(s) Link to bio or an article about the person(s) who has / have died. A video from Youtube if possible (or a Photo). R.I.P.Scott...