1. Sound Eq

    which DAPs use the DAC TDA1543

    I read that Hifiman 601 and 602 are the warmest DAPS and that is because of the DAC TDA1543 used, I am liking that it has a nice warm sound signature that other daps don't have. BUT it seems the UI and built quality is not on par so I was wondering if there is another DAP that use the same...
  2. dmehling

    Need custom headphone amp with remote volume control

    I need some advice on setting up a headphone amp in the most convenient manner possible.  I have decided on a particular DAC in order to listen to streaming music and MP3s from my computer.  The DAC will be connected to my stereo receiver.  In addition, I want to add a dedicated headphone amp. ...
  3. money4me247

    Giant List of sub-$200 portable DACs w/ their chips & price

    hey, I recently went through the trouble to look up the DAC chips & prices of quite a few sub-$200 DACs. Fricking manufacturers often do not disclose their DAC chip on their product specs. (kinda shady imo lol) Not sure if this list would be helpful to anyone, but I figured I'd post it. Please...
  4. 021311

    Muse TDA1543x4 DAC+HA INFO U2

    Muse Audio TDA1543x4 DAC HA INFO US 24/96 USB to SPDIF with ASIO support. Cables for free. They go together for $45 paypal gifted, shipped. USA Only, ship from Idaho.
  5. Vaughn

    Muse TDA1543x4 NOS dac

    This is a great sounding little DAC with 4xTDA1543. Switchable between coaxial and optical (no usb) it is a definite step up if you are using something like a Squeezbox as your front end. Asking $65 shipped in the CONUS, paypal only please.
  6. Vaughn

    Muse TDA1543x4 NOS dac

    This is a nice sounding little NOS (non over sampling, not "new old stock") Dac that is a good upgrade over lower end digital sources. It is switchable between optical and coaxial inputs, no usb. Dac and power supply included at this price, as seen in the photo. Asking $50 shipped in the U.S...
  7. BournePerfect

    WTB: Muse Mini TDA1543x4 Dir9001 NOS Dac

    Can't seem to find this exact model on eBay anymore. Please PM me if you have one to sell. I would like to pay $50 shipped via PP since that is my remaining balance. Lemme know!   -Daniel
  8. BournePerfect

    Muse Mini TDA1543x4 dac *Free USPS Shipping*

    Bought from another Headfier week ago. Perfect condition and working order. Comes with original wall wart power supply. $25 PP 'Gift' shipped in the CONUS.   -Daniel
  9. bruce108

    MuseAudio TDA1543 DAC

    This little job will give you a sample of NOS sound.   If you can convince me that you're a starving student and you can pick it up (North Warrandyte, VIC) it's yours free.
  10. katzer1

    MUSE TDA1543x4 DAC

    Excellent sounding little amp.   Relaxed sound that is easy on your ears for a full day listening sessions. I bought it with modding in mind but I don't have the time (nor soldering skill ) to get around to it, besides it sounds pretty darn good as it is.   If you into modding though...
  11. antonyfirst

    FS: NOS TDA1543 Dac with Blackgates by Peter Daniels (AudioZone)!!!

    I am selling my Peter Daniel's TDA1543 Nos dac given an upgrade purchase. This dac is the same as Audiozone Dac-1, built by the same designer as an assembled kit. It's well known for its smoothness. Peter used the same identical circuit and parts, and sold the NOS dac without a case, for sound...
  12. wind016

    Why do people buy expensive DACs?

    Before you say anything, yes I used the search. I came up with this link.   It seems to say expensive DACs still sacrifice something... Now why are people spending $1000+ on DACs when there are supposedly...
  13. ninjames

    DAC for Little Dot MKIII under $200

    Hey guys, I'm just about to order the Little Dot MKIII, and all I have right now is a laptop with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. I have a question ... is there a DAC under $200, perhaps closer to $100 actually that will be satisfactory with my laptop and the Little Dot? I can't spend much...
  14. Stouty447

    Non-USB DAC for about $250

    I hate to make another one of these threads, but every DAC thread is about USB, and I rock with a CD player. So I need a DAC with either optical or coaxial input and stereo RCA output. Size doesn't matter, but I do need to stay right around the $250 mark. I have a pretty good nuetral amp and...
  15. SP Wild

    Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

    I just ordered one of these 60 bucks from ebay delivered.    I figured the design principles were not far removed from the Vdac principle of minimalism.  I'm going to carry a shootout with my Dacmagic and report back on how it fares.  For 60 bucks, there isn't much to lose.  My way to test...
  16. BombayTheIndian

    Valab / Teradak 2.6D NOS DAC - 8 parallel TDA1543 chips - Very fun DAC

    Selling this since it never gets any play time these days. It is by far and away the most consistently fun DAC I've owned: thick, meaty, sometimes grungy NOS DAC, very tube-like in sound signature. A real treat to listen to rock and electronic music on. Unit runs $200 from Valab or Teradak...
  17. ETAHL

    Muse Audio Mini TDA1543 X4 DAC

    - Four Philip TDA1543 NOS DAC IC - Burr Brown DIR9001 digital input receiver IC - Optical & Coax Inputs - Unbalanced stereo analog output - External power supply 12VDC, 1A (positive center) - Dimension: 100mm, 71mm, 25mm (4in, 2.5 in, 1in)