mrspeakers ether 2
  1. MrSpeakers ETHER 2

    MrSpeakers ETHER 2

    MrSpeakers' ETHER 2 headphone is our all-new top of the line open-back planar magnetic headphone with a new driver, motor, baffle, and headband all designed to synergistically blend stunningly lifelike sound with the industry-leading comfort and reliability that are the hallmarks of MrSpeakers'...
  2. Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) ETHER 2

    Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) ETHER 2

    Dan Clark Audio ETHER 2 is their flagship planar magnetic headphone.
  3. MattTCG

    ETHER 2: Impressions and Discussion

    Dan Clark of MrSpeakers fame never seems to rest. He is always working harder to build on his former success and make something better. An ambition for perfection might seem a fool’s errand, but it’s often where greatness can be achieved. To be honest, when Dan told me that he was working on...