1. greenflash

    Fiio K1 (otg) + Moto G5+ (Oreo) .. Anyone?

    Hi guys, I've been happily using my fiio K1 dac with a fine usbc/micro usb cable and my Nexus 6P for quite a while. Unfortunately, the Nexus 6P died on me with that infamous bootloop. So I'm using a Moto G5+ phone for now. And boy do I miss the old sound. Thing is, I got me a micro usb to micro...
  2. RishiBoodhoo

    ISK MHD9000, Motorola Pulse Max & Motorola Pulse M Premium

    Hi, Just to share with you my new headphones and a quick review: -ISK MHD9000 -Motorola Pulse Max -Motorola Pulse M Premium I'm more an earphone person, but when I listened to my cousin's Denon AHD2000 some time back, I though maybe I can get a headphone just for the sake of having...
  3. [No title]

    [No title]

    Moto X Pure Edition running Onkyo HF Player, with Oppo HA-2 and Yamaha EPH-100.
  4. [No title]

    [No title]

    I think I got a soft spot for black and white.
  5. Megazine

    Friend wants $100(max) headset. Which should I recommend to him?

    -He wants a bluetooth, wireless headset. -I'm sure he doesn't want a over head headset. -He would also like a mic on it but it's not a must -I think a behind neck headset will work best? He will be using it to listen to music through his iPad2. My other friend has the motorola S9-HD but I...
  6. borgqueenx

    Need Blueooth stereo earphones beneath 100 dollar

    i liked my jabra halo but it broke....its not really good quality, but had good sound.   what alternatives are there?   here are some i found...