1. Tom22

    Headbands for monoprice

    Just recieved this headband a week ago, and so far, made my monoprice 8324 headphones beyond comfortable. I use to have to take off the headphones every hour or so because of the minimal padding on the headphones. but now its soo comfortable, find myself using my headphones even more than ever...
  2. FCO2013

    Upgrading! Good, cheap (30 USD or lower), portable, and mid-centric headphones!

    Hey all!   So I've been thinking of upgrading my current portable set of cans to something nicer, but still not too expensive, so I'm looking for some suggestions. I currently use my Sony MDR ZX-100 headphones for my on the go, throw 'em in a bag type headphones. I like them because they...
  3. Hente

    Incipio F38 vs Monoprice 8323. I also have a question about the different F38 models (NX-100/103/104).

    Hiya, i'm currently using a pair of Phillips SHE 3850s but I'd really like to replace them. While I love them for their sound quality, the itchy feeling I get in my ears while wearing them drives me insane, not to mention the annoyance of having to maintain a good seal in order to get that...
  4. Bpositive

    I need to know the differences between these two headphones??

    There are the Monoprice Hi-Fi DJ style over the ear pro headphones, and the Monoprice Hi-Fi Light Weight over the ear pro headphones. What is the differences between these two???? I no differences really. Is it just that the cord attaches and detaches on one of them? They both seem like they're...
  5. Monoprice Hi-Fi Light Weight Over-the-Ear Headphones

    Monoprice Hi-Fi Light Weight Over-the-Ear Headphones

    These light weight, over-the-ear headphones are ideal for portable applications when you want to get the best sound possible and really don't want to be interrupted by outside noises. They fit close to the head and won't fall off when moving around, like many heavier headphones. The earpieces...