Monoprice Hi-Fi Light Weight Over-the-Ear Headphones

General Information

These light weight, over-the-ear headphones are ideal for portable applications when you want to get the best sound possible and really don't want to be interrupted by outside noises. They fit close to the head and won't fall off when moving around, like many heavier headphones. The earpieces are fitted with thick, comfortable padding, which improves the fit against the side of your head and helps keep outside noises from interfering with your listening pleasure. A 50 mm driver and 102 dB sensitivity ensures that these phones produce good volume and clear sound reproduction at all frequencies. The 47" cord is ideal for portable applications and the 3.5 mm plug is gold-plated for maximum conductivity and improved resistance to corrosion over the more common tin- or nickel-plated types. *** 30-day easy returns. No restocking fee. Free lifetime technical support. 1 year warranty. ***


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