1. T

    Sub $100 over ear headphone recommendation?

    Hi all! This is my first post on the forum. I have a pair of Beats Solo 2. I'm not an audiophile (I am a musician), and I do like their sound quality - but they're uncomfortable and I prefer over-ear instead of on-ear. I've had my eye on some closed headphones (that I hope to have some...
  2. ardilla

    Cheap sturdy on/over ear closed headphones for appr. $20 USD ?

    I've been asked to research low price durable headphones for use in a museum, loaner phones.   Durability is more important then the sound quality. Portable use- with loaner iPod's etc. Cable must be durable or exchangable.    Thanks!
  3. guyverlord3

    First over the ear headphones

    So this is the first time i am buying a nice set of headphones, have not spent over 15 dollars ever. my friend has a set of teh monoprice 8232 and i tried them out for a day and my head was hurting in the location it hit my head. So I have decided I want to send around 100$ on a nice set. I have...
  4. ajp120

    Stock Monoprice 8323 3.5mm chord question.

    Will upgrading this chord from stock increase the sound quality? If so, what chords are recommended on a budget? I wouldn't mind getting Monoprice 3.5mm male to males as long as they are better than the stock-- I just hear the stock ones are meh. 
  5. danex

    Good Headphones for under 60 dollars?

    I am in the middle of looking for my first actually good pair of headphones. I have been looking at some over the ear headphones for a while now, and I have come to a few choices so far, the Audio Technica ATH M35, the Sennheiser HD419, the Koss DJ Pro 100, and the Monoprice 8232 headphones. Can...
  6. arunbaghel

    Sennheiser HD 202 vs Skullcandy Lowride vs JBL tempo on ear headphones

    I have had quite a lot of earbuds including sennheisers, UEs, although they sound good but on the flipside their life is very less especially when I am handling those. Please suggest which one of the above headphones is best to buy in this category.   TIA
  7. Monoprice 8322

    Monoprice 8322

    Get your bling on with these stylish Monoprice earphones! With a sensitivity of 98 dB and a noise-isolating design, these earphones will provide plenty of volume to keep the world outside and the music inside your ears. The 47" cord is long enough to give you the freedom to move about and to...