1. rhcpepper

    IEMs ~$20

    I had the MEElectronics A161Ps for a while, but after the cord got screwed up so quickly with only low to moderate use I decided I am not wasting my time with anything more than $20. I just don't listen to them enough to warrant spending that much money to get something that, build quality wise...
  2. slowpickr

    Looking for a Portable Headphone (<$100) with High Level Clarity & Detail

    If a backup singer farts, I want to be able to hear it.  Anything out there under $100 capable?  Need for wide ranging types of music (e.g. classical, country, rock, electronica, etc.).  Thanks!
  3. glove4

    MEElectronics A151 2nd Generation Impressions.

    I took advantage of MEElectronics's Cyber Monday deal on their brand new second generation A151, and what a bargain it was. I've had the original A151, at least two sets, one with the old MEE logo, since they were introduced maybe four years ago (not sure how long it was). I've been a big fan...
  4. kova4a

    Need help identifying tri-flange tips

    Ok, so I've decided to sort a little bit all of my tips and while I was doing it I ran into a pair of tri-flanges that I don't know where it came from but turned out it works great for vsonic iems and with my meelec a161p, so right now I want to get hold of more pairs of it. The tip looks like...
  5. d8n0g

    Need some help deciding between some iems

    I've had my eye on the Etymotic hf5 for a while now. In the past the most neutral cans I've owned and adored were grado 225i and mee a161. I'm just a little concerned about the lack of bass in the hf5's or is that only bass heads complaining. The 225 always had that not enough bass in reviews...
  6. Icicle666

    MEElectronics A161P

    Hey all   I am currently sitting with the MEElectronics A161P in my amazon basket ready for purchase ... but I wanted to find out some things before I purchase ...     How is the soundstage of these IEM's ... Is the soundstage good enough for me to use the 161's on my computer for gaming as...
  7. shotgunshane

    [Review] MEElectronics A161P - Intro Into Neutrality

    MEElectronics A161P     Introduction:   The A161P is a new single balanced armature from MEElectronics.  Meelec markets their new flagship as: “Relentlessly accurate to the source, the A161P delivers precisely what is in your music - nothing more and nothing less. High levels of...
  8. Icicle666

    Advice needed on some IEM's

    Hey all :)     I am busy searching for a decently priced set of IEM's that will last me and fit what I need from them ...     I will be using them to listen to music (Everything from classic/jazz to rock/metal and even dubstep) and watching movies ... ... I will also be using them for...
  9. ba113leia

    Meelectronics A161

    Meelectronics A161 is a good choice? I prefer classical music.
  10. OliverBB

    Ultimate Ears 600 vs Meelctronics a161-Sound Opinions/Differences?

    Can anyone compare how these 2 sound?  I have Klipsch Imamge S4 which I like but I was looking for something in contrast that has more clarity and detail and not so bass heavy. I have been looking at single armature models because of their function and price. It looks like on Amazon the...
  11. OliverBB

    Can anyone campare sound/experiences between Meelectronics a161 vs Ultimate Ears 600/700

    Hi everyone,   Just wondering if people can give some suggestions between these 3 IEM's. I chose these 3 because it seems they get good reviews, are pretty small (plus seem like the type that would be comfortable to me).      I realize that the UE 700 is a double armature but I worry...
  12. abearing

    looking for new IE's under $125

    I've been following the threads for many months. And really enjoy most of the comments. I'm looking for new IE's under $125. My Panasonic HJE 900's have finally died. And replacement cables don't help.  I like a round upfront mid-range and accurate, not emphasized bass. My hearing is not what...
  13. mxg284

    For a well balanced sound - R-50 or e-Q5?

    Big difference in price...worth the extra money for the Ortofons when considering sound, comfort, dependability and cable strength?   Thanks!
  14. Noservice

    Looking for quality Earphones or IEMS for $100

    Hello, I am a first time poster seeking some help. I own a pair of studio beats and some sol republic amp hds. I understand that beats are not the best sounding headphones but the built in amp does provide for some punchy bass. The amps hds are decent, but right out of the package the right ear...
  15. K

    Looking For Some IEMS ($100 and under) that are durable (good cable) good for working out and have volume control/song control.

    I am looking for a pair of IEMS that are $100 or less.   I already own a closed set of shure srh840 headphones. That is what I use at home on my computer.     The IEMS will be used for when im working out and when im on the train/bus or work.   I want it to have a durable cable (wont...
  16. MEElectronics A161 In-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones with Balanced Armature Technology

    MEElectronics A161 In-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones with Balanced Armature Technology

    RELIVE THE EXPERIENCE! With stunning accuracy, high resolution, and crystal clarity that bring your music to life, the A161P will blow your mind! Relentlessly accurate to the source, the A161P delivers precisely what is in your music - nothing more and nothing less. High levels of clarity and...