1. MusicTeck

    FAudio Spring Single Dual Diaphragm IEMs Arrived at MuiscTeck!

    FAaudio Spring Key Features: Fiber and Titanium Dual Diaphragm Patent Driver Ultra-light Aluminum Shells MSRP: $638 MASS-Kobo 475 Amplifier is Back In Stock
  2. elton7033

    The MASS-Kobo 394/394II and the 406 desktop full balanced headphone amp thread

    After purchasing the world smallest full balance portable headphone amp with a 4pin XLR the MASS-Kobo 424 last month I have addicted to MASS-Kobo clean , powerful yet detail sound signature, in less then 3 week time I had say goodbye to some of my portable audio gear and save up 648000yen to say...