1. L

    Need recommendation for listening to loud music and occasional conversations

    Hey guys, I’m a classic newbie and i need help. Im looking for in ear (in ear bcs they are cheaper and still have a good quaility when playing LOUD sounds if you have a headset suggestion that is capable of doing so pls let me know!) with good sound quaility and integrated microphone for PC. -...
  2. xNightBlazex

    Audeze LCD2-C Lacking?

    Just got my first pair of Audeze's today and for the most I find them quite superb - in the areas that they excel in. They have tremendous build quality, comfort, sound stage, and quite excellent mids without being too tinny. Great for casual listening in my opinion. They excel at orchestral...
  3. G

    Is there any way to ensure my CIEMs don't produce sound over a certain volume?

    Hi, I just got some CIEMs, stupidly put them in with the sound on my iPhone set to 11/16, and was greeted with probably the loudest sound I've ever heard for about 1 second of exposure. Is there any way to prevent this from happening again? Do some DAPs come with a volume limiter of sorts? Or...
  4. M

    Headphones and Loudness

    Are some headphones naturally louder than others? I'm in the market for a new pair after striking out on a $20 pair of Brainwavz. The reviews warned of lackluster bass, but I just chalked that up to mean not enough bass for modern pop and rap. I quickly discovered that it was applicable to...
  5. halcyon

    IEM headSET (w/mic) for small ear canals, very LOUD, isolation, NOT metal

    My wife has very specific needs for her music listening. She's on an iPhone and uses her headset for both taking calls and listening to music. She has hearing impairment (genetic) and an imbalance between left and right ear. That's why she needs to use the built-in stereo left-right balance...
  6. J

    Earphones too loud with Amp(s)

    Hi, Finally joined awesome group today after reading the threads for a long time. Well, for about three months. I love playing with electronics and recently I put together raspberry pi running volumio2 and schiit fulla2. I have Audio Technica CKR9 connected with it. Now if the volume is mute...