liquid carbon 2
  1. Slashn77

    Schiit Jotunheim/Lyr 3 or Gilmore lite mk 2

    I am looking to buy a new headphone amp. I recently had encountered a scammer so only honest sellers with integrity please! Considering a Schiit Jotunheim Lyr 3 or Headamp Gilmore lite mk 2 are on the top of my list but I am open to others. Looking for a clean solid state amp mainly. I will...
  2. boschtb

    Back after 10 Years - Aeon Flow Open DAC+Amp Recommendations

    I am getting back into headphones after 10 years away. My last rig was a modified Jolida JD100 + RSA Raptor + HD650 and ATH-W11JPN. This time around, I will be using my MacBook Pro as a source, with both lossless and compressed files, and I have settled on the AFO as my headphones. I...
  3. caecillius

    SOLD: Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2.0

    Selling my Liquid Carbon v2 which has the upgraded power supply for better single-ended performance over the v1. I have too many amps so the one that gets the least time has to go and unfortunately that is this one. Price includes Paypal fees and shipping in the CONUS. This is for the amp...
  4. blackrain139

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2.0 in mint condition

    Selling my Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2 for $699 - The 2.0 version is an improved model of the original carbon - Collectors item as it is no longer in production - One of the best amps under $1000 - Serial number: 6XX - Transferable warranty from Cavalli Audio Reason for selling: I've...
  5. MikeZhao

    WTB: Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2.0

    Looking to buy Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2.0 I split my time between DC and NYC Please PM me if you're interested in selling.
  6. neogeosnk

    **Sold** Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2

    Minty Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2 for sale. Added power cord since it didn't come with one. It's in perfect condition and the warranty is transferable and valid up until October 2017. $650 w/ Free shipping Conus, I also pay the paypal fees. Pics: Sorry no Trades.