1. AudioCats

    The Koss ESP10 thread

    I have just recabled a couple of my ESP10's, and found there are (at least) two variation in the 10's. So I am openning a thread to share such info, in case somebody might be interested (I could have put it into the ESP950 thread, but a new thread is easier to search) Variation 1, smooth...
  2. xiphmont

    Koss ESP/950: At wits end

    Well, I'm officially completely fed up. I'm on my fourth pair of brand new ESP/950s. Every one had/has the static and squealing problem; this fourth pair is the worst yet. The second I flicked 'on' the noises started and they haven't let up for a second. The old advice of 'yeah, some have that...
  3. Eargasmo

    Best Pairing of Headphones to Song in your collection

    List the best pairing of headphones to song/album.   When you want to show off how great your headphones are, what song do you play for your friends?  Please do NOT list genres...too nebulous.  want specifics.     I'll start:   K550: Rush - Tom Sawyer Annie Lennox - Little...
  4. tuatara


    anyone know anything about these phones. Have a chance to buy a pair locally, how do the stack up against the Stax models of similar vintage.
  5. agoffe

    What do you want to see in an audiophile store?

    One of the most frustrating things for me (especially being relatively new to the audiophile world) is not being able to get my hands on something I begin to obsess on. But, most of all, not being able to physically demo the item (especially high end headphones) in a store near me. I recently...
  6. Koss ESP/10

    Koss ESP/10

    Over-ear electrostatic stereophone system - produced from 1977 (?) to 1984, comprised of ESP/10 "Auditor" headphones and E/10 "Energizer" transformer unit.