kevin gilmore
  1. S

    Kevin Gilmore Dual Mono CFA2/3 Build Thread

    Hello, Relatively new here. I'm mostly a guitar/bass tube amp tech/builder but dabble in HIFI. I'm building a CFA2/3 (not sure if I'll add a bal/unbal board eventually). Dual Mono, 2x GRLV, 4x CFA2 boards, and maybe a bal/unbal down the road. I plan to use this with my LCD-2's (orig), and my...
  2. RudeWolf

    KG CFA3 headphone amp

    If you frequent the DIY forum here, then there's a good chance you know about Kevin Gilmore and his contributions to the DIY design library. From Dynalo to Dynahi, to top of the line electrostatic amps like the KGSS and it's fancier cousins. Less known are his current feedback designs for...