1. N

    Which used headphones should I buy? AKG K701 / ATH-A900

    Hello, this is my first post on this website :) I'm currently a university student and I live in Indonesia. I need a bit of help on deciding which headphones I should buy, an AKG K701 or ATH-A900. Why these headphones? I found both of these headphones on sale in the used market and I've grown...
  2. Mellowship

    AKG K701 Y cable mod

    Just did this to my k701 This was not an easy and clean mod. A lot of very frail plastic to trim in order to fit the panel plugs. But I can use my balanced cables now. This headphone sounds like heaven in balanced mode. The soundstage gets a little bit deeper which was exactly what I was...
  3. A

    AKG K701 vs K702 (or 701 Made in Austria vs 702 Made in China)

    I'm very new to Headphones and I'm planning to buy the "Holy Trinity of Mid-Fi" Headphones for my collection (whatever this term is... but you know, the AKG K701/702, the Sennheiser HD600/650 and the Beyer Dynamic DT880). I'm planning to start with the AKG K701/702. I'm still undecided what...
  4. V

    Lowish-budget open-backs for mixing and general purposes

    I have a tiny recording studio at home and am currently using MDR-V6s for almost everything to do with it. I would however really like a good pair of open-backs - for both higher-quality mixing, and also simply listening to music (the two are just about equally important for me). I wouldn't like...
  5. Bullock77

    Best amp for HD540 and K701

    Hello, I am looking for a solid state amp for my HD540 and K701. It could be something in the price >300€ used. I mainly listen to jazz (Bop, BeBop and other) and admire fast and controlled sound. I mainly listen to may Stax setup which is fabulous and from time to time just need something...
  6. 4

    AKG Q701 as replacement for K701 Bass Mod?

    Hello! Recently, i purchased a used pair of K701 Bass Mod, and I think they sound amazing! The only thing I have thought would make these headphones sound even better, was if it had just a TINY bit more punch in the bass - But everytime I try to EQ my way out of that, I end up going back to...
  7. kzzstzst

    Mods for AKG K701 with Kimber Kable balanced

    Mods for AKG K701 with Kimber Kable balanced Right side org photo Right side changed. Compare the thickness difference between org line and kimber cable 3Hz sony mdr-x10 All cable had changed to kimber kable If you want to know the real performance of K701 ...
  8. Rayz

    From AKG K701 to K712 Pro?

    Hey. I was thinking of upgrading from my currently K701 to K712 Pro. I like the sound, but they are almost bass-less, night and day compared to my DT 990 Pro. So upgrading - Is it really worth it?
  9. C

    Headphones for Gaming - Need Recommendations/help

    I am looking for a good pair of headphones for my PC. The headphones would be mostly used for gaming, such as with PUBG, with frequent YouTube/Twitch viewing, and a infequent music listening. Currently, I am stuck between the Beyerdynamic DT 880, DT 770, DT 990, Audio-Technica M50x, ATH-AD700X...