1. kingice10

    JHAudio JH16Pro original non-freq phase

    Australian headfiers only. PM me offers. No lowballers please.
  2. kingice10

    FS JH16 Pro original non-freq phase

    For Australian headfiers. PM me offers. no lowballers please.
  3. L

    Seeking a coupon code / deal for JHAudio Lola IEM's

    Hope it's not inappropriate to post this. A guy on here said they'd be perfect for my music preferences, however they're rather pricey :)
  4. AVU

    Custom IEMs to Universal - does anyone do this

    I'd really like to switch my JH-16s as a universal, so I could just get the isolation I've never had. Is there anybody doing this? JH offers universal versions of these, so it how hard could it be? Has anyone done a mod themselves? I've posted a longer thread here, in case you want to help...
  5. AVU

    JH Audio 16 Custom to Universal - does anyone do this?

    Been off the forum for about two years, so I'm out of the game and would really appreciate those who know the scene to give me some advice. I built what I consider a killer mid-level setup about 8 years ago. I'm sure there's better now, but I've felt no reason to upgrade. Eastern Electric tube...
  6. AVU


    mispost - sorry
  7. honeyjjack

    Plussound X8 silver+gold

    Hi im selling my plussound x8 silver+gold for 350 shipped. They are terminated in JH audio 4 pin and 2.5mm with plussound 2.5mm to 3.5 adapter. I am sure you can get it reterminated by plussound if the terminations dont match.
  8. masahito24@chart

    SOLD: Roxanne AKR03 - Astell & Kern version / bal and SE cables

    Selling my Astell & Kern version of the JH Audio Roxannes. They come with the metal case, with both balanced and single ended cables with bass adjustments. They have been used lightly and are in great condition also kept in a case with silica gel. Link for pictures...
  9. BartSimpson1976

    SOLD - JH13v2 Performance Series

    Selling a 7 month old JH13v2. Near mint condition (9/10). Full accessories (except comply foams) Box and original (unused) carrying case are personally signed by Jerry Harvey.. Will throw in one unused pair of SpinFit and Symbio Tips. Location: Singapore Paypal on me, international shipping...
  10. irrefleumas

    JH Roxanne Performance Series

    Hi I'm going to sell my JH Roxanne Performance Series, been using it for around 2 months. Very mint condition. Comes with box and all accessories (tips, wax tool and screw), except round steel carrier, i lost it. I pay the shipping fee, buyer pay the paypal fee.
  11. shenanbay

    NobleAudio Trident vs 64Audio A3 vs JH3x Pro

    I have been looking to get my first CIEM and I have been looking around for something around $600 - $700. these are the ones. I listen to all genres of music, Mostly Metal, Rock, Acoustic guitar and some classical music. Which of the following would you guys recommend for me to get. Any help...