JH Audio 16 Custom to Universal - does anyone do this?
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Apr 29, 2008
Been off the forum for about two years, so I'm out of the game and would really appreciate those who know the scene to give me some advice.

I built what I consider a killer mid-level setup about 8 years ago. I'm sure there's better now, but I've felt no reason to upgrade. Eastern Electric tube DAC with some wonderful old german tubes, a bunch of mods to the circuit board, capacitor upgrades, etc., jitter filter from USBridge, Pico Slim iem amp, and a pair of JH13 customs, which I ended up trading in for JH16s.

Problem is, I went through literally 4 rounds of getting professional ear molds done and sending these off, to places in the US and abroad, and have NEVER gotten a really good fit. Maybe my ears are wierd, but they sound unbelievable when there's a really good seal, but there's almost never a really good seal unless I have the cord super tight around my chin or I'm literally tugging on them. It's frustrating beyond belief, and the other year, I found that I had basically just given up and was using a relatively crappy Klipsch x10's and a DragonFly USB dac because it sounded fine, I had perfect isolation, and I could take it everywhere w/phone, ipad, macbook pro for music production, etc.

I'd really like to use the JH-16s as a universal, so I could just get the isolation I want. Is there anybody doing this? If JH offers universal versions of these, how hard could it be? Has anyone done a mod themselves?

Please help - I feel awful that this great stuff is just sittng around unused. I'm basically about to head a serious amp and a regular pair of cans, but I vastly prefer the portability of IEMs.
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Sep 4, 2013
You can try Mike from Perfect Seal. Not sure if still offers this service. He's also a head-fi member. Depending on the nozzle size in relation to the sound tubes, you could try to sand it down so that Comply tips or wraps can fit as well and provide a solid seal.
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