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  1. Fiio JH5

    Fiio JH5

    Higher Quality, easier to access to The FIIO x JadeAudio series of products have always been known for their high performance-to-cost ratio as well as their high build quality, providing audiophiles with affordable yet high-quality devices to listen with. The all-new JH5 is the latest result of...
  2. FiiO x Jade Audio JD1

    FiiO x Jade Audio JD1

  3. FiiO

    FiiO & JadeAudio Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier Q11 Is Officially Released!

    Streaming music is becoming the trend of the day. Want to enjoy lossless audio anywhere and anytime? Cannot make it on the mobile phone due to lack of a headphone jack? Worries about battery consumption when using a USB dongle? These problems will no longer be a problem if you have the FiiO &...
  4. FiiO

    Back to school promotion on FiiO AliExpress store and JadeAudio Aliexpress store

    Hey, guys, for back to school, we make a promotion on AliExpress, please check more information: FiiO Official store: fiioaudio.aliexpress.com/store/1101556430/pages/promotion-20220828.html JadeAudio Official store: jadeaudio.aliexpress.com/store/1102093412/pages/promotion-20220828.html Promo...
  5. FiiO

    Super Stable! FiiO Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply PL50 Is Available on AliExpress Official Store!

    Power supply is always a significant factor that affects the audio system. Among them, linear power supply is born with low noise, small ripple and stable voltage output. The FiiO's low noise regulated linear power supply PL50 is not only a synthesizer of these merits, but also comes with other...
  6. FIIO & Jade Audio KA2

    FIIO & Jade Audio KA2

  7. FiiO

    AliExpress New JadeAudio Store Is Opening Up! KA1 Lightning Edition Is Coming to Celebrate It!

    Dear friends, We are shifting our business to a completely new store on AliExpress- JadeAudio Official Store. At the same time, the former store will be shut down gradually, perhaps in June. Also, the after-sales service will be shifted to our new official store. If you have an idea of...
  8. FiiO

    Compact Portable DAC and Amplifier FiiO&Jade Audio KA1 Is Officially Released!

    This is a refined specialist with compact elegance. In a tiny space of 40x15x8mm, there is not only a high-quality DAC, but there is also premium audio amplification to match, both carefully tuned by engineers to truly and faithfully reproduce your music the way it was meant to be heard...
  9. Jade Audio JD3

    Jade Audio JD3

  10. FiiO

    [Story] The story of FiiO x Jade Audio JD3-From @JamesFiiO

    Chapter 1 Foreword: Will wired earphones be eliminated? In fact, this year there are a lot of things that seem particularly crazy and are against common sense. On the one hand, chip shortage. Some manufacturers say that the decline in sale volume is due to the lack of chip (indeed, this is our...
  11. FiiO/Jade audio JH3

    FiiO/Jade audio JH3

  12. FiiO

    JadeAudio EA1-Beryllium-Plated Single Dynamic IEM

    #Beryllium-Plated Single Dynamic IEM EA1# The unique Dynamic driver naturally brings gorgeous sound performance. The EA1 Dynamic driver is made of rarely high-end beryllium diaphragm material, which is able to bring a sense of movement and power. Meanwhile, it is designed with an N50 two-way...
  13. Jade Audio EA3

    Jade Audio EA3

    * Knowles 33518 BA drivers * Large 13.6mm dynamic driver with breathtaking bass * Highly resolving, large soundstage, easy to drive * detachable 0.78mm 2-pin cable * High purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable * Taking the FiiO FH1 to the next level with a more balanced sound
  14. Jade Audio / FiiO EW1 - True Wireless

    Jade Audio / FiiO EW1 - True Wireless