1. techenvy

    iriver help

    i am so super tired of my itouch with preset eq,, if it had a 7 band eq i would be more than fine with it( could also really use a volume wheel pot  or any other pot for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)   i have been wanting to try the cowon s9 specifically because of its eq( iforget how many...
  2. iriver T7 Volcano 2 GB USB MP3 Player (Pink )

    iriver T7 Volcano 2 GB USB MP3 Player (Pink )

    iriver introduces fast USB 2.0 Dongle type built in flash memory MP3 player in 5 different sophisticate colors(black, white, pink, blue and brown) to choose from. Crisp and soothing blue letters OLED display screen for easy navigation and simple control.Simple and Easy Ready Connection.Built-In...