ipod 5.5
  1. J

    Guidance Need to Make a LOD cable for the iPod Classic 30 pin to 3.5 jack.

    Hello all, I hope there is someone out there that can get me in the right direction. I've had a long cord 30 pin to 3.5mm, and wanted to shorten it to make something similar to the Fiio L9 (pictured) so I can connect my iPod to a dac/amp, like the Fiio Andes or Alpen. Ive cut the cable, and...
  2. A

    New Member trying figure the next upgrade step

    Hi, I'm Al from LI, NY. Decades ago, I used to be an audiophile. Between moving to my current house and having kids, I did, and still do not get much opportunity to listen seriously much with the stereo. The family room is large with hard vaulted ceilings and hard wood floors; the sound was not...
  3. Z

    iPod Classic Generation vs iPod Touch 4th gen DAC?

    Hi all, I've used an iPod Touch 4th gen as my portable player for many years. It's getting on in age, and I'd like to replace it with another iPod (personal preference). I use the headphone jack and my headphones include the Philips SHP9500, Audio-Technica M50X (soon to get M40X as well), and...