1. iFi audio

    iPurifier 2 – Active Asynch USB Purifier Repeater

    iPurifier 2 – Active Asynch USB Purifier Repeater   Filter-packed to the nth degree       Southport, UK – 30st Oct 2015     Leading the field in USB audio technology The iFi obsession with cleaning up the USB audio chain continues. Drawing from the knowledge pool of AMR and on the...
  2. Turrican2

    iFi iPurifier 2 - Reviews, Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Thought I'd kick off a dedicated thread for this little beauty. I was lucky enough to win this over on the iFi iUSB3.0 thread                 I have a Schiit stack connected to my PC, a Modi DAC and Magni class AB amp.  I play Hi-Res tracks quite happily through my HE-500...
  3. iFi iPurifier 2

    iFi iPurifier 2

    It is an Asynchronous Active USB Purifier Hub. It offers 100X to 100,000X noise reduction for USB Power, underpinned by REclock®, REgenerate® and REbalance®. It is an active USB hub and is used at the end of the chain. It will become available in type A, B , C or micro USB connector version for...