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iFi iPurifier 2 - Reviews, Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Turrican2
    Thought I'd kick off a dedicated thread for this little beauty. I was lucky enough to win this over on the iFi iUSB3.0 thread
    I have a Schiit stack connected to my PC, a Modi DAC and Magni class AB amp.  I play Hi-Res tracks quite happily through my HE-500 phones.  I figured this would be as good a test as anything for the iPurifier 2.
    The device itself is very robust and well engineered. As you can see from the photos it's fairly discrete. There are a couple of indicator lights for Power and Sound signal. Apparently the device also comes with a range of connector options.  I have the USB-B but it comes in A, C and Micro B also (according to the box)
    I've got to say, I really wasn't expecting much, if any improvement in the audio quality from my Schiit stack as it is a fairly silent and quite revealing setup. 
    For my test I fired up one of my most familiar and favourite test albums, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac (in 24/96 from HD Tracks - the max the Modi can handle) and listened to the first few tracks a few times.
    I then added the iPurifier to the chain.  Again, I listened to the first few tracks.  At first I didn't really notice too much of a difference, until I got to the second track, Dreams.  The splash cymbal at the beginning caught me by surprise a little, it seemed more sustained and cleaner than I remembered.  I looped this part of the track a few times, removed the iPurifier and repeated.  Sure enough, I can tell the difference pretty easily.  After a few hours of listening with the ipurifier attached, I've decided it's staying put in this setup.  To my ears it makes a good difference to the general soundstage (width especially) and overall clarity of the sound. I like it!
  2. technobear
    Aha, an iPurifier2 thread :cool:

    Here is what I wrote a couple of days ago over on the iUSB3.0 thread:

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  3. technobear
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  4. Turrican2
    Thanks for adding your impressions technobear,
  5. technobear
    Today I posted some more thoughts on the other thread before realising this one was here so:

  6. technobear
    I want to say a bit more about what I previously described as a slight tendency to shout or shoutiness.

    This manifests in different ways on different instruments and on voices - or at least it did as the iPurifier2 practically eliminates it.

    On voices it comes across as a slightly nasal quality and as a graininess.

    On brass it comes across as a harsh glare.

    On violins it is a screech or squeal and that also applies to female vocals.

    It is a slight effect but it gives the music a slightly rough quality that makes it a little tiring to listen.

    With the iPurifier2 it's as if all the musicians in my music collection have upgraded their instruments - and their voices.

    Sorry I'm sounding a bit like a marketing department here but I am really enjoying what I'm hearing :cool:
  7. Rob N Contributor
    Is there any advantage in using this if you have the IUSB3.0?
  8. technobear

    That remains to be seen. I have an iUSB3.0 here at the moment which is quietly playing to itself at the moment. I shall no doubt have something to say about it soon.
  9. LFC_SL
    Wondering this too as the iUSB3.0 marketing speak says it does the same things as the iPurufier2 and more...
  10. Turrican2

    Ditto - please share your thoughts one you have formed some impressions technobear, if the ipurifier2 has a pretty decent effect on the audio, I'm thinking the iusb3.0 might soon join my other ifi components....
  11. dmbr
    Worth upgrading from the original?
  12. Turrican2
    Haven't tried the original, hopefully someone will be able to chime in.
  13. rickyleelee
    as AMR iFI said on another forum, if you got $4k DAC,then go for USB3.0. But if it were me and I have both, as I can't afford that kind of DAC, I spent my money on the ipurifier two along with my original iUSB. But the extra benefit of the iUSB3.0 is the extra features like supercharger and adding a hard drive into the chain.
  14. technobear
    Finally I have something to say about the iUSB3.0.

    Here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/781064/micro-iusb3-0-appreciation-thread/45#post_12009191

  15. Deftone
    what is the expected release date for this little beauty?
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