iem measurements
  1. jude

    MDAQS For Beginners With Jacob Soendergaard From HEAD acoustics

    Ask two Head-Fi'ers to name their favorite headphones, and you may get two very different-sounding headphone models. This is normal within our community. As we know, it's also common for a single Head-Fi'er to equally love multiple headphones with vastly different sound profiles. These examples...
  2. MoonAudio

    Headphone Measurements DON'T MATTER <Video> | Moon Audio

  3. Wasaabi

    Sony XBA-Z5 may be the most "being real" one among portable iems.

    Sony has two headsets that I am most impressed with. One is the MDR-EX1000, and the other is the XBA-Z5. The Z5 is a BA+DD hybrid headset released in 2014. It was Sony's flagship product at the time, but the price was only about 500 USD. Indeed, its price does not seem to be "flagship-ish"...
  4. Wasaabi

    FiiO’s FD series share the same driver? & FD7 brief review

    Recently, I saw a rumor on the Internet that FD3 and FD5 are using the same drivers. I also have such doubts, so, keen to explore the truth, I borrowed an FD5 and an FD7 from the headset store to compare them together, and in order to distinguish FD3 from FD5 from the front, I also borrowed an...
  5. jude

    HBK Electroacoustics Virtual Conference -- Important Presentations

    HBK Electroacoustics Virtual Conference Next week -- September 28-29, 2021 -- HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjær) will be holding their HBK Electroacoustics Virtual Conference. Last year they held their Product Physics Conference virtually, and that covered many different disciplines, but this...
  6. jude

    Presenting At The HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjær) Product Physics Conference

    Tomorrow, 15 October (Thursday), I will be presenting a talk titled Did we really need a new hearing simulation standard? Measuring headphones with the HF-HATS Type 5128 The talk is free to watch (registration link below). This year's entire virtual HBK Product Physics Conference is free...
  7. HuoYuanJia

    Equalize first, measure second: Share your results!

    Trying to figure out the "perfect" target response for my IEC 60318-4 raw measurements, I just couldn't agree with most targets out there. So I decided on a new approach. Levering out any research, I have individually equalized multiple high-end IEMs with a sine tone generator so I could match...
  8. iems0nly

    Simple Man's IEM Measurements, Impressions, Ranking of 75+ IEMs!

    Hello fellow audio addicts! I've now come to a point where i have collected enough earphones to make my own ranking list. This is called Simple Man's Ranking because of the following 2 simple points: I don't use any high end DAC/Amps to drive the earphones. I drive them using my smartphone...