1. GoldenOne

    What is the best method to get digital audio from your PC to your DAC

    So, I should shortly be receiving a Holo May dac, and i'm a bit confused about some of the things that people have said about it/the spring online. Typically, I'd just connect my DAC to my PC via a decent USB cable (Just a Supra one, not super cheap, but nothing snakeoil) A lot of people have...
  2. AReasonableMan

    FS: Gustard U12 USB Reclocker & AES/I2S/Coax Converter

    This takes a USB signal, and converts it to Coaxial, Optical, I^2S, and AES/EBU I'm going to be using the dac in my LG V30 for a while to save a few bucks so I have no use for this at the moment
  3. xxx1313

    SOLD: MATRIX X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface XMOS AES EBU Coax Toslink i2S HDMI

    Selling a MATRIX X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface. It converts USB signals into AES / EBU, Coax, SPDIF (Toslink) and i2S. Good used condition (pictures attached), with USB cable (unused) and in original packaging. I am the first owner and it comes with invoice from a German dealer from August 2019 and...
  4. ecapsretliab

    (SOLD) Singxer SU-1 Kitsune PoE DDC

    Up for grabs is my modified SU-1 Audio Bridge. The blackest background with incredible micro detail and not a trace of harshness. Huge improvement over stock. A reluctant sale but need the funds. List of modifications: OSCON Caps High Retention USB Sparkos Regulator Dual LT3045 1A Regulators...
  5. tabloid

    (SOLD) DAC NOS Metrum Acoustics Pavane Level 3 I2S Black

    Top-of-the-range DAC from Metrum Acoustics. Level 3 version with I2S input. The dac is perfect, purchased directly from the Metrum Acoustics website in September 2018. 2 years manufacturer's warranties. It is one of the most "analog" dacs ever heard. I only sell for passage to a higher level...
  6. Melokin DA9.1

    Melokin DA9.1

    Specification: ◎ ES9038pro decoding method. ◎ Included ADP151、LT1965..Total of 11 groups of low-noise regulator circuit. ◎ Directly compatible with original Italian Amanero USB module, you can install and use it directly. ◎ Supports USB(Option), I2S / DSD single-ended signal(RJ45), I2S / DSD...
  7. Cayin iDAP-6

    Cayin iDAP-6

    Dedicated transport with numerous outputs including I2S. Plays music from local files (SD Card, USB drives) or over the network (SMB, DLNA). Matches with the other Cayin i-series desktop gear.
  8. riemann

    Audiobyte Hydra Z and Singxer KTE SU-1 DDR

    I want to connect the PC as source to the I2S input of the Holo Spring DAC Level 3 using up to PCM 384 kHz and DSD-512. I have two questions: 1 - According to my research there is no way to obtain this directly via I2S from the PC but the only way is passing through USB. Can you confirm this...
  9. sinkr

    FS: Revelation Audio Labs CAT-7 i2S Cable Wired for Audio-GD M7 0.91m

    This originally went between an Empirical Off-Ramp and the ethernet i2s port that comes stock on the Master 7. This is a NON-STANDARD i2s wiring configuration and will only work with an Audio-Gd master. This cable is shy of being a full meter long (0.91). Serial #: 0014042901 Pinouts below...
  10. young59

    [HELP] DAC+AMP using PCM5102A+TPA6120 need usb to i2s boards

    So I am trying to make a DAC+Amp combo using the PCM5120A and TPA6120 but the problem is I can't seem to find any usb to i2s chips to connect the dac to the pc.I have ordered the TPA6120 but still waiting to to buy the PCM5102A till a find a usb to i2s boards.Do you guys know of any boards(not a...
  11. TomNC

    SOLD: Singxer SU-1 USB interface in like-new condition

    For sale is a Singxer SU-1 interface in perfection working and cosmetic conditions. It will be shipped in the original box with a power cord and a USB cable. The reason for the sale is that my DAC, unlike the Spring DAC, cannot take full advantage of this excellent interface via the I2S output...
  12. eserafinojr

    FS : Black Audiobyte Hydra Z USB DDC (32/384-DSD512-I2S) + Hydra ZPM Matching External Power Supply Combo 110V

    Just As The Title States : Due to some changes in my setup. I'm selling both my Audiobyte Hydra Z and ZPM External Power Supply Combo. This is a top flight digital to digital conversion setup for those of us that use our computer as our source. The Matching ZPM powersupply sends clean...