1. SMSL DO200 MKII


    MQA rendering, via USB & SPDIF. DSD decoding, via all 5 digital inputs. 2x ES9068AS Dac chips. 5 dual Op Amps. XMOS XU-316 Chipset native support up to DSD512, DoP256 or PCM 768kHz. LDAC Bluetooth with external aerial included. Fully operable via included remote control. IPS tempered glass...
  2. C

    VMV D1se I2S Connectivity Success Stories

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a DDC to use with my D1se but want to use I2S if at all possible. I've seen elsewhere on the interwebs that a couple of people have had issues with I2S connectivity to a DDC with the D1se and was wondering if there any success stories out there. Does anyone have a...
  3. GoldenOne

    DDC Jitter/Noise testing

    The following is a list of digital to digital converters (and some similar components like the MScaler) that I've had in and tested. These are listed in order of RMS jitter level upto 100khz, but I would encourage you to look at the actual spectrum of jitter too. The number alone can't provide...
  4. GoldenOne

    What is the best method to get digital audio from your PC to your DAC

    So, I should shortly be receiving a Holo May dac, and i'm a bit confused about some of the things that people have said about it/the spring online. Typically, I'd just connect my DAC to my PC via a decent USB cable (Just a Supra one, not super cheap, but nothing snakeoil) A lot of people have...
  5. Melokin DA9.1

    Melokin DA9.1

    Specification: ◎ ES9038pro decoding method. ◎ Included ADP151、LT1965..Total of 11 groups of low-noise regulator circuit. ◎ Directly compatible with original Italian Amanero USB module, you can install and use it directly. ◎ Supports USB(Option), I2S / DSD single-ended signal(RJ45), I2S / DSD...
  6. Cayin iDAP-6

    Cayin iDAP-6

    Dedicated transport with numerous outputs including I2S. Plays music from local files (SD Card, USB drives) or over the network (SMB, DLNA). Matches with the other Cayin i-series desktop gear.
  7. riemann

    Audiobyte Hydra Z and Singxer KTE SU-1 DDR

    I want to connect the PC as source to the I2S input of the Holo Spring DAC Level 3 using up to PCM 384 kHz and DSD-512. I have two questions: 1 - According to my research there is no way to obtain this directly via I2S from the PC but the only way is passing through USB. Can you confirm this...
  8. young59

    [HELP] DAC+AMP using PCM5102A+TPA6120 need usb to i2s boards

    So I am trying to make a DAC+Amp combo using the PCM5120A and TPA6120 but the problem is I can't seem to find any usb to i2s chips to connect the dac to the pc.I have ordered the TPA6120 but still waiting to to buy the PCM5102A till a find a usb to i2s boards.Do you guys know of any boards(not a...