[HELP] DAC+AMP using PCM5102A+TPA6120 need usb to i2s boards

  1. young59
    So I am trying to make a DAC+Amp combo using the PCM5120A and TPA6120 but the problem is I can't seem to find any usb to i2s chips to connect the dac to the pc.I have ordered the TPA6120 but still waiting to to buy the PCM5102A till a find a usb to i2s boards.Do you guys know of any boards(not a chip) that I can order.

    I was also wondering of an arduino could to configured to function as usb to i2s bridge/adaptor.

    The reason I picked those chip are because they were cheap and are used in popular DACs and Amp.The pcm5102a in the Fiio K1 and Fiio E10k and the TPA6120 in SMSL SAP-9


  2. evalon
    Hi ... There are quite some USB-to-I2S boards but some of the "well-known" ones may be:

    - Amanero: https://amanero.com/
    - JLSounds: http://jlsounds.com/i2soverusb.html
    - diyinhk ... e.g. this one: http://www.diyinhk.com/shop/audio-k...d256-high-quality-usb-to-i2sdsdspdif-pcb.html
    - waveIO: http://luckit.biz/product/waveio/

    The amanero is quite well-known in audio circles to my knowledge and there's a thread on diyaudio dealing with how to use it and set it up.

    Diyinhk also has PCBs for a range of DAC ICs - in case you are not yourself familiar high analog/digital PCB layout ... there's a list here: http://www.diyinhk.com/shop/7-audio-kits

    Good luck with your project :wink:

  3. Jimster480
    There is also XMOS for USB->i2S.
    And you could also buy an external setup like SMSL xUSB and output via i2S over HDMI connector.

    I'm also considering building something like this but with dual TI DAC's.

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