hybrid earphone
  1. Fiio JH5

    Fiio JH5

    Higher Quality, easier to access to The FIIO x JadeAudio series of products have always been known for their high performance-to-cost ratio as well as their high build quality, providing audiophiles with affordable yet high-quality devices to listen with. The all-new JH5 is the latest result of...
  2. CCA CA16 Pro

    CCA CA16 Pro

    SPECIFICATION: MODEL: CCA CA16pro IMPEDANCE:24Ω SENSITIVITY: 109dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz - 40KHz CABLE LENGTH: 1.25M PIN TYPE: 2-pin QDC-type connector PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm DRIVER UNITS: One (1) 10mm dynamic driver + Seven (7) Balanced Armatures
  3. CCA NRA


    Specification: Product Name: CCA NRA HIFI In-ear Earphone Brand: CCA Model: NRA Earphone type: In Ear Impedance: 25Ω±10% Earphone sensitivity: 103db±3db Frequency response range:20Hz-40KHz Plug Type: 3.5mm straight Cable Length: 1.2m Color: Cyan Whether with cable: Yes Earphone connector: 2pin...
  4. AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon This year, to meet the ever-evolving demand in performance in the IEM arena, we introduce you the all new Tri-Hybrid Driver Architecture in the Halcyon. Featuring quad electrostatic transducers driven by a single, gen 2 transformer with enhanced efficiency and sensitivity in the...
  5. C

    Searching for more warm and depth Earphones than KZ ZSN

    HI, I recently buy a pair of KZ ZSN. I feel the sound detailed but too agressive, too bright,too metallic, too harsh for me, the sound is fatiguing my ears. I am searching for hybrid earphones with a more warm, depth, body and more spacial sound. Any recommandations in the same range of...
  6. FiiO FH1s

    FiiO FH1s

    Technical Specifications: Dual Driver Hybrid setup, One Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature Driver and One 13.6mm graphene Dynamic Driver unit Impedance: 26ohms Sensitivity: 106dB Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz 120-Core high-purity monocrystalline copper cable 2-Pin 0.78mm connectors...