1. L

    Extracting Room Impulse Response from Virtualization Plugins

    Is it possible to extract the impulse response of a virtualization plugin, without it's HRTF effect, and then have that ambience to use with my own SOFA? For instance: Waves NX has it's own HRTF, I wish it was possible to extract only the ambience to use with my own HRTF. What tools should I use...
  2. L

    How to apply diffuse field eq to SOFA HRIR?

    I'm using APL Virtuoso with my own SOFA file but I've noticed that Virtuoso doesn't apply diffuse field eq to the HRIR, thus making it harsh. How do I bake in a diffuse field eq to my HRIR?
  3. Drew Neilson

    open-back vs closed-back: fidelity to input signal's sound stage and HRTF

    According to the headphone buying guide, open-back headsets and headphones have a wider sound stage while closed-back headphones sound more direct. I'm speaking broadly, and not about specific models. Do open-back headsets and headphones add more spaciousness than already exists in content being...
  4. silikone

    Is soundstage actually detrimental to spatial audio?

    So the notion of soundstage being a property of headphones certainly has a lot of substance behind it, and indeed, even untrained ears can anecdotally easily perceive this. However, the theory behind is rather confusing to me. Since soundstage seems to be related to the openness of headphones...