high impedence
  1. DaveM1785

    What impedance headphones for "16 Ω or more" AVR?

    I need headphones for use with a Yamaha RX-V681 AVR. When I bought my last set of "real" headphones, the choices were limited to what Allied Radio Shack, Lafayette Electronics, or a couple furniture stores that also sold stereo systems had. I wound up with very tight fitting Koss headphones...
  2. D

    Open Back Headphone for Daddy to Hear Baby

    I just had my first child last week (Mom and baby are doing well). I am looking for some high impedance neutral open back headphone that will let sound in so I can hear the baby--any recommendations? The headphone will be used for Netflix, video games, and music. Anticipated budget less than...
  3. rantrile

    Best Smartphone for audiophile

    As I understood, the HTC ONE is the best smartphone for an audiophile. How Iphone 5 compares to it? What would be the second best smartphone in the quality of sound?   Also, I'm personally looking for a lightweight (around 112gr or less as Iphone 5) with a smaller screen than HTC ONE...