1. T

    HE1000V2 source suggestions

    Hello! I got a refurbished HE1000V2, but underestimated how hard they would be to drive properly, as they sound quite wispy and hollow when used with my A50S/D50S stack. Does anyone with an HE1000V2 have any recommendations for source components that the HE1000V2 sounds full with? Not really...
  2. Ricco275

    Is there a better amp than Ferrum for HE1000V2?

    I just got the HE1000V2 and love the precision and clarity and wide soundstage. I’d like to improve the well known weak points mainly the bass presentation and the low engaging feeling. Is there a better amp than the Ferrum combo to achieve that? Would a Lavricables grand silver cable help or...
  3. Ricco275

    Elite owner - HE1000V2 or D8000Pro?

    I own Elite and thinking to move to D8000pro or HE1000V2. The Elite is an overall engaging and pleasant headphone but I miss excitement, precision and a wider soundstage. With clear instruments separation. I’m not into heavy bass or massive slams. I like balanced tone, not overly warm nor...
  4. Blaithin

    Replacement Lubricant Material for HE1000 V2 Swivel Hinges

    So I figure I've over swiveled my HE1000 V2 from trying to check for channel imbalance problems which evidently turned out to be an ear problem, and the hinges are now creaking. I checked them and there's this grey-white shiny piece of silicone(?) sandwiched in the swivel point. I'm assuming...
  5. lfsszd

    HE1000V2 level or higher level headphones?

    I bought many headphones, but I really don't listen to most of them very often because I keeping using he1000v2 which I feel is a lot better than 1k level headphone. I have heard utopia, ab-1266, and probably LCD 4 are the same level(of price), but are there more headphones to try that might...
  6. tiagojsag

    Need help - Hifiman support not replying to my emails

    Hi, I'm writing this post out of frustration and disbelieve that such a renown brand is capable of behaving like this to a customer. I'll do my best to keep this about the facts, as I want this to be a call for help and not a rant. I purchased the upgrade from HE1000 v1 to v2 in May this year...
  7. jelt2359

    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

    Price now announced at $2999. Price now announced at $2999. speedracer1's chat with Fang: http://www.head-fi.org/t/748334/hifiman-he1000-planar-dynamic-flagship/2805#post_11458693 Impressions: (cradon, earlier prototype) (vs F1j amp, and vs modded he6)...