grado 325e
  1. Desta1972

    GRADO sr325e + integrated amp: DAC or not?

    Hello, I'm finally the owner of a pair of GRADO sr325e, which I use to drive with my PC, connected to an old Harman/Kardon HK6300. I'm generally happy with the sound, but I'm wondering whether I should buy an external DAC (like a Schiit Modi or iFi ZEN) to gain more detail. I'm not quite sure...
  2. Desta1972

    Grado (tri-)Dilemma

    Hi there. Here's my ID: New Member and newbie in the world of audiophilia 90% classical listener (and very demanding in timbrical quality) / 10% everything that's not hip hop. 100% PC (for job reasons) / high quality streaming (Spotify Premium/Idagio) I recently decided to take a survey in...
  3. jacul

    Love the Grado SR325e so far, but they aren't very comfortable.

    I really love the sound texture. I like how clear the sound is. But the problem is I can't wear them for too long. Especially I'm also wearing glasses, and the clamping headphones just hurt me after half an hour. So are there any headphones out there that have similar sound, but more...
  4. Mezzi

    Custom Grado Aluminium Cups

    Hello Grado Heads! Just wanted to share the creation of my custom Grado cups. I have a pair of SR60’s which have been fantastic for me but the other day I just staring at them and thought a more premium look with be great, how hard can it be and I haven’t used my CNC Machine in ages. Just a...