1. succmangoes

    Need help deciding between NAD VISO HP50's and Hifiman HE400i

    Hello all, I'm a new member to Head-fi, but I've been lurking here for a while. I have experience with some nicer speakers, but not headphones. Unfortunately I won't be able to use my speakers anymore. :disappointed_relieved: I listen to a lot of different music but focus more on jazz and...
  2. XERW

    Entry-level recommendations

    In the market for either IEM or a full-sized cans (closed) that can be driven without AMP. Budget around $160 (USD) remote location means I'm stuck at ordering online. Any recommendations? Going to venture outside inner-fi this time - need more input.   Previously owned cans: - HD201 - HD202...
  3. GR07 Classic Maroon

    GR07 Classic Maroon

    The GR07 Classic is the 3rd iteration in the famous GR07 series. Like the previous iterations, it retains the monitoring sound quality at that it is known for. The GR07 classic brings to the table more variety of colours as well as lower price point so that more people could enjoy it. NOTE...