1. Kazz123

    Have good DACs become considerably cheaper in 20 years?

    I have recently seen an Apogee Mini-Dac, released around the year 2000 for ~1000$, sold for around 200$. I'm not sure how to gauge whether or not that price is low or high by modern standards. Of course, back in early 00-s a DAC that supports 192kHz streaming over USB was a huge deal. These...
  2. Miliboi

    Equalizer Compensation Curve

    EQ compensation Hello all, I wanted to know whose measurements most people use for frequency response PS: I stumbled upon this
  3. chihwahli

    Any player output up to 50Khz signals?

    I saw this headphone and the specs: AK T5P generation 2, it's frequency range is from 5 Hz to 50 KHz. Higher frequenties should have some influence in our brain, as our sub conscious brain processes a lot more than we hear / see, etc. Player specs only write down what frequency files (FLAC...
  4. dotrunghieu

    Anyone headphones make shaking sound at max volume (the test link inside)

    While I am listing something on YouTube, I find down something on this video, that is about fan noise: All my headphones connect to iFi Pro iCan amplifier. My HiFiMan HE1000 (balanced output) makes shaking sound so bad at max volume. Like I feel my HE1000 drivers will be broken, I have to...
  5. O

    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 dip at 4kHz, 7kHz

    The frequency response (by innerfidelity, Golden Ears, Rtings) curve has severe dip at about 4kHz and 7kHz. Did you feel it with your ears too?