fostex th-x00
  1. Thenewbie76

    What headphones should I get?

    Im still kind of an audiophile newbie having only purchase an AKG 7XX, fidelio X2 and Shiit fulla 2 (AMP/DAC) to go with the headphones.But I am ready to go and buy new headphones with a bigger budget and wanna see what more the "audiophile" world has to offer. Thing is i am not sure what...
  2. VickyLovesHeadphones

    Open-Back Fostex TH-X00 - Good Idea?

    Hey, I have the Fostex TH-X00 Ebony, and was thinking to replace the wood earcups with Lawton ones. Out of curiosity, I listened to my TH-X00 with the ebony cups removed. And Wow was I surprised :) Did you try listening to TH-X00 with the cups removed? I find that "Open-back" TH-X00 gain...
  3. Faucet_Evangelist

    Fostex TH-X00 Repair

    Hello, I recently damaged my beautiful ebony TH-X00 (combination of an awful case and clumsiness) and am really hoping there is some way I can repair them / have them repaired. There are some scratches and chips in the earcups, ideally I would simply replace the full earcups and get a Pelican...
  4. Faucet_Evangelist

    <$500 Amp for TH-X00 and ie800

    Hello all, I am looking for a desktop amp and am on a bit of a budget. I already joined the drop for the Cavalli CTH, but also want to consider some other options (especially since it won't ship until the end of February). Currently I have Fostex TH-X00 and ie800. Both are fairly sensitive so...