1. R

    [SOLD] Senn HD650/HD6XX 8-core Balanced Cable

    Hello, I want to sell my Forza AudioWorks Sennheiser Balanced Cable terminated in 4.4mm. Cable was purchased in Dec 2019, still under 2-year waranty. Details: Model: Claire Hybrid HPC Cable : Octa hybrid semi-Litz UPOCC Cryo 7N wire Headphones : Sennheiser HD580/HD600/HD650/HD6XX/HD58X...
  2. R

    (SOLD) MMCX 4.4 Balanced 8-core IEM Cable

    Hello, I'm selling a 8-core Forza AudioWorks Hybrid Series IEM Cable with MMCX connectors and terminated in Sony Pentaconn 4.4. Cable is in mint condition and is in warranty until November 2021. Price includes DHL tracked shipping within EU and PayPal fees. Can ship anywhere if buyer pays...
  3. lator

    SOLD Forza AudioWorks Noir Hybrid HPC for MrSpeakers/Dan Clark Audio (Furutech 4-pin XLR 3.0m/10ft)

    3 meters long Forza AudioWorks' TotL headphone cable with Furutech 4-pin XLR connector. Compatible with all MrSpeakers/Dan Clark Audio headphone models. This is the latest revision including the new hybrid wires with hand woven damping core made of Java cotton for improved bass definition and...
  4. qboogie

    WTB: Forza Noir Hybrid Pigtail

    Looking for a Forza Audioworks pigtail extender that accepts 4 pin XLR and terminates in male dual 3 pin XLR, so that it can be used in with a Hugo TT2. I have a FAW Noir Hybrid headphone cable, but would entertain a similar high-quality pigtail extender.
  5. R

    (SOLD) Forza MMCX / 4.4mm 8-core IEM cable

    Hello, For sale is a 8-core Forza AudioWorks Hybrid Series IEM Cable with MMCX and 4.4mm. Used lightly and is in mint condition. Please PM me for more details. Price includes tracked shipping within EU and PayPal fees. Specs: Material - Octa hybrid semi-Litz UPOCC Cryo 7N wire Connectors -...
  6. Piotr Michalak

    [WTS] Khan, PF XG, UE18+, ApolloX, cables...

    Hello! (Note: some of these prices make sense to people in the UE, as US/UE prices differ sometimes greatly) FiiO M11 Pro SS - almost mint, with two different leather cases. Near mint means that it has a small defect on the glass on the left, it has it since it was new, it's not mechanical. You...
  7. noro

    (SOLD) Forza Audioworks Claire HPC Mk2 MrSpeakers 1.5m 3.5mm

    Like new condition. Semi-transparent black. All the information is in the title. If you are fine with shipping without tracking the price can be 10 euros less.
  8. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Q Audio French Silk Cable for MrSpeakers - 4-pin XLR, 2.0m

    SOLD!! Note: Clicking on the picture makes the picture look much nicer and better represents what the cable actually looks like. Q Audio Q French Silk Cable (MSRP $300+) - custom 2.0m length, terminated in balanced, 4-pin XLR (Neutrik). Custom red sleeving. Asking $100. This cable started at...
  9. warriorpoet

    [SOLD] Electro Acousti 7N UP-OCC Silver Cable

    Electro Acousti Custom Pure Silver Litz cable- $90 $70 Lightly Used 1.15m Neotech Cryo wire 26AWG 7N UP-OCC Litz compact 3.5mm plug, splitter .78mm 2 pin Shipping is included in asking price within the Continental US. Others, please inquire for accurate shipping cost.
  10. LoryWiv

    Closed! Forza Audio XLR 4-Pin Balanced Noir Hybrid Headphone Cable

    Lightly used Noir Hybrid balanced cable, in excellent condition, I am original owner. This cable is a true hybrid of UPOCC copper and silver, not silver coated copper. I ran balanced with excellent results but have now purchased a single ended tube amp making this cable expendable. Originally ~...
  11. TommyFro

    All sold

    I'm looking at letting go of my Aeon Flows, I've got an all new setup coming so why not try new headphones also. I love these as they are super comfortable and sound excellent. Comes with the original case and tuning pads, no box or certificates. Few things of note: The right pad had been...
  12. Violent_Sneeze

    Forza AudioWorks Copper Series/Pyre Android Digital LOD - $23

    Selling my barely used Forza AudioWorks Pyre Android Digital LOD cable as it's no longer needed. Terminations are Micro-B to Micro-B, and it's 5cm long. Was originally $60 bucks. Ships for FREE to CONUS and Canada. From their website: Digital LOD cable for Android incorporating FAW 7N Cryo OCC...
  13. TommyFro

    Decided to keep

    Looking to sell my Aeon Flow Closed. I love them but I have my eye on a different set of headphones so these have to go! They are in great condition, few scuffs on the hinge but nothing too much. They come with three cables: Stock MrSpeakers 1/4in cable, Forza AudioWorks Claire HPC Mk2 1/4in...
  14. xxx1313

    FS: Forza AudioWorks Copper Series MK2 Android USB cable USB-C to USB micro-b

    I am selling a Forza AudioWorks Copper Series MK2 Android USB digital cable, 33cm long from end to end, USB-C to USB micro-B. Bought in October 2017, first owner, in very good used condition. Original packaging, warranty card and invoice included. I used this cable to connect my A&K SP1000 to...
  15. pichu

    FS: Sennheiser HD800S with custom Forza Audioworks Cable

    Hello everyone, I am putting my 800S along with my Vioelectric HPA200 Amplifier for sale. I am in need of cash to help fund my second hobby, photography. I am letting the headphones and custom cable go for $1,050. Also, I will include the original box with manual, original XLR and TRS cables...
  16. pichu

    Sennheiser HD800S with custom Forza Audioworks Copper MK2 cable

    Hey everyone, I’m selling my HD800S with a modded Forza Copper MK2 Cable. The cable itself was $250! Also included is the original headphone box and the original SE and Balanced cable. I need to sell some of my audio gear to fund a new camera and lens! [Here are pictures of her with my...
  17. wenbinbin2010

    FS: 10 ft/3 m Moon Audio Silver Dragon 1/4" (mini-XLR for Audeze, ZMF, etc.)

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon 1/4" (10 ft/3 m) - $250 Prices include PayPal fees and shipping. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Moon Audio Silver Dragon:
  18. Schwibbles

    SOLD: MrSpeakers Ether C Flow w/ 1.1 upgrade, new pads, and MrSpeakers Vivo Cable

    SOLD!! Selling my very good condition Ether C Flow. I recently installed the 1.1 tuning upgrade. It also has brand new pads on it; purchased 2 weeks ago. The pads have less than 10 hours of listening time on them. I will also include the original tuning foam so you can revert it back to stock...
  19. emelius

    FS: Resonessence Labs Herus DAC/Amp...

    Herus, 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, cardboard box, Forza AudioWorks custom cable (Micro USB "Android") & a felt pouch I found... $175 shipped... feedback -
  20. AlterAnthony

    SOLD: Forza AudioWorks Claire HPC for MrSpeakers (2.0 m, 4-pin XLR)

    I have for sale a mint, barely used Forza AudioWorks Claire HPC cable (4-pin XLR Neutrik jack, 2 meters long with transparent black insulation) for MrSpeakers headphones. It fits both the current Ether and Aeon headphones as well as older models. Reason for selling: I have a shorter version of...
  21. dpwhitey


  22. ImOverEar

    AKG K812 Upgrades

    After numerous searches not really getting anywhere I thought I would start a thread and ask a few questions. I am currently choosing between 3 of the Forza cables for the AKG K812 headphones and wondering if anyone has any comments on the differences between the Forza Noir HPC Mk2, Claire...