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AKG K812 Upgrades

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ImOverEar, Sep 18, 2017.
  1. ImOverEar
    After numerous searches not really getting anywhere I thought I would start a thread and ask a few questions.

    I am currently choosing between 3 of the Forza cables for the AKG K812 headphones and wondering if anyone has any comments on the differences between the Forza Noir HPC Mk2, Claire Hybrid and Noir Hybrid cables?

    I did wonder about having the K812's modded for dual cable inputs, but not really sure I want to go to that kind of expense without knowing for sure that it would be a worthwhile change. Any done this and got any advice or comments?

    Has anyone changed the ear pads on the K812 to something other than the pads made for them? I found an old link on google where someone had used the velour pads from the Audio Technica AD2000X. But to do that you have to remove the plastic ring from a stock pair of the AKG pads to stick on to the AT pads.

    It's not that I don't like the stock pads, as they are very comfy, but it would be interesting to try some different materials to hear what effect it may have on the sound. I'd like to hear about some options if any one has any suggestions.
  2. Me x3
    I would buy more headphones instead.
    You might consider buying DMG Equilibrium as well (top class parametric EQ)
  3. ImOverEar
    I'm not really looking to build up a collection of headphones. If I wasn't happy with the K812, I would have bought something else instead.

    Knowing how much difference decent cables can make in a good quality hifi system, I had already planned to try something against the stock cable.

    I don't really have a strong desire to replace the ear pads. I'm just curious about trying something else to see what the difference may be. I suppose my only slight concern is they do get a little warm when you have them on for an hour or so, but not as bad as some.

    EQ isn't something I plan to explore for the K812. While I use room EQ for my main system, I believe that if you need to EQ headphones then you have bought the wrong ones.
  4. Muinarc
    K812 aren't super popular and they weren't cheap so the mod scene is mostly non-existent with them. Doing dual cable won't gain anything but cost a lot, the stock wires for the drivers are TINY. I can't imagine working with them they're so thin. I've wondered about putting some felt inside the ear cups. There is a lot of hard plastic in there, it's just a big echo chamber in stock form, I'm sure there's a reason behind the design but some reversible toying with coverings in there could be fun.

    As for the ear pads; as you mentioned, you'll need to butcher a 2nd pair of stock pads to get the mounting ring..... or make your own from plastic sheet or something. It can be done. I happen to love the stock pads on the k812 so that's not something I'd try myself.
  5. ImOverEar
    Something has been on my mind about 'upgrading' these to balanced. After looking closer at how these are generally being modded, it is basically changing the 3 pin lemo connector to a 4 pin lemo connector. I would personally want separate plugs into each earphone, so that the printed wire is also replaced in the process. As that would be a huge mod, I don't think I will look any further into this.

    The more I listen to the K812, the more I like them, but still running them in at the moment. So now I am purely looking to experiment with a different cable and try a velour set of ear pads.
  6. Graenzgaenger
    I've done that on a K872 (<= Link) which is a little bit more complicated than K812 because the wiring needs to be sound-proof. I was able because I have spare parts and in-depth knowledge about K8xx design (I am it's mechanical designer :wink:...that said....RIP AKG, I already miss you!).

    I would not recommend others to do it without exactly knowing what they are doing. For some time I thought about making a business out of it, but It would cost at least USD 360,- (excluding transportation costs) and I am not sure if people are willing to pay for that (besides the risk of sending their headphones around the globe). Would you? Maybe if enough people here can convince me, I might do it.

    While modding it to dual-connector I also got rid of the internal FPC cables and replaced them by the thickest silver plated copper wires that would fit (directly from connector to speaker, no more wiring around the head band). Also the connectors are now simply screwed and locked with counter-nuts (no longer glue locked). I would have designed the headphone like this in the fist place, but product managers at AKG/Harman won't let me.

    I don't have the ears to tell you if it sounds better (I'm an engineer, not an audiophile), but in my opinion it feels lot better now, knowing that wiring is thick and robust and everything can be repaired more easily. Now I use HD800 factory cables as connection.
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