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  1. joe

    Introducing Head-Fi Classifieds!

    Hello Head-Fi'ers! We know that our For Sale/Trade forums have become a popular place for Head-Fi'ers to buy, sell, and trade all kinds of personal audio gear. It's an exciting area of the site, and we love that it has become one of the most popular places to buy, sell, and trade this type of...
  2. The Judge

    Selling Campfire Audio Vega

    ***SOLD***Used for about 6 month but in very good condition. Comes with all accessories and original box. Looking to get around $1,000 but I'm open to offers. Will send pictures if needed.***SOLD***
  3. A

    SOLD - Mint in sealed box EMU Teak new version

    I have up for sale is a brand new in box EMU Teak. This is new the latest version with the fixed 2.5mm port and the new cable stereo cables. If you recall, the earlier version with the detachable cable had an issue where the ground and hot were swapped on the ports, so you couldn't use any...
  4. thefitz


    Up for grabs is a pair of Audeze LCD-X headphones. They have vegan ear pads and a vegan headband. It comes with a case I got from an LCD-2. I've installed extended yokes, and will include the originals. Comes with the stock 1/4" cable, and balanced XLR. I'm the second owner. Shipping will be...
  5. Kelihanly

    wanted! usb cable and hydra z

    want a usb a good usb cable and hydra z
  6. CZ4A

    For Sale/Trade rules links broken

    Like the title says, the links for the For Sale/Trade section no longer work since the forum was switched to its new home. The links should be fixed for future sellers. ☞ Buy, Sell and Trade Rules UPDATED FEBRUARY 2016 ☜ ( ☞ Classifieds Posting...