focal listen pro
  1. Markdude

    "Downgrading" from LCD-2 to mid-tier closed-backs for more bass?

    I recently got an Audeze LCD-2 (latest version I believe) and sent it to Sonarworks to get a custom calibration file made. They sound great and I figured they'd be my "endgame" purchase, but they've made me realize that even though I want neutrality across most of the spectrum, I suppose I'm a...
  2. Markdude

    Otherwise flat headphones with hefty bass (Spirit/Listen Pro, PM-3, MDR1A?)

    I'm looking for pretty flat headphones that have a really good bass extension/response (so perhaps some bloating there is OK) but also don't have a very steep treble rolloff (I don't want to trade more bass for an overall darker sound signature). I plan on using Sonarworks and likely fine-tuning...