1. GridIroN

    Can anyone with a Linsoul cable (Nymph, Euphrosyne, LSC09, THIEAudio Est etc) do me a favour...?

    Hey guys, I'll keep it brief. I'm looking to pick up some cables to replace some broken/defective ones I've had around here for a while. Some other others I have I've gotten custom made, but I'd rather just buy a decent cable this time around. Thing is, I'm rather sensitive to the weight of...
  2. Dèng

    DUNU EST112 Pre-order on Linsoul Audio (27th - 30th Mar, 2021, GMT+8)

    A very good Monday to everyone! Yes! DUNU has launched its latest EST model, DUNU EST 112, and it is available for pre-order on Linsoul Audio~ 🥳 Pre-order period has already started, and it ends on 30th Mar, 2021 (GMT+8). Get yours now here~ We hope to ship out the orders as quickly as...
  3. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU releases EST 112, a triple hybrid in-ear with dual electrostatic tweeters

    DUNU evolves its venerated hybrid product line by adding a third form of transducer. DUNU’s first hybrid earphone, DN-1000, released in 2013, smashed expectations for how much a hybrid earphone should cost. Eight years and nine hybrid models later, DUNU once again lowers the price threshold for...
  4. Oriolus Traillii (JP)

    Oriolus Traillii (JP)

    Oriolus Traillii JP The latest flagship model from Oriolus 3-way 8BA 4EST (2 lows / 6 mids / 4 highs) Includes PW x HYLA Arthur RT-1 flagship cable (worth $2270) Retailed for $6000 Available in both UIEM/CIEM
  5. Astrotec Phoenix

    Astrotec Phoenix

    ASTROTEC PHOENIX Phoenix is Astrotec's first-ever flagship hybrid IEM made with genuine rosewood shell, housed with two Sonion electrostatic super tweeters, and one large customized dynamic driver. Key features - Handcrafted authentic rosewood shells that keep the original wood grains that...
  6. BGVP EST8


    Specifications - Drivers: Sonion Electrostatic Driver*2 | Balanced Armatures*6 Features: 3 Tuning Switch; 9 Styles of Tuning Available Sensitivity: ≥110dB SPL/MW Input impedance: 30 Ω Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz The distortion rate: ≤0.5% (1 KHZ) Channel balanced: ≤1 dB Rated power: 10mW...