1. TomatoTen

    cheap usb sound/card + amp for beyer dt770 pro 80 ohms?

    hi. i plan on getting the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80 ohms...   my asus mobo has bad onboard audio, so i plan on getting an external usb sound card (i'm running a mITX build so my only pci slot is taken by my gfx card)   i also am thinking about getting an amp for the beyers also. any...
  2. Dystopic

    Looking into "real" headphones (newbie here!)

    Heyo,   I only recently started looking into what I've come to think of as "real" headphones, after seeing so many people suggest brands I'd never even heard of.  Right now I own a Razer Carcharias, with which I've not really noticed too many problems; however, with all the people praising...
  3. curiosus

    Recommend soundcard for Logitech z523

    My current setup is very simple. I am currently using:   Onboard card Winamp + Enhancer DSP plugin. Logitech z523 speakers (It's a 2.1)   I am thinking of getting a new card so I can "fully" appreciate my FLAC files. My budget is around $50 - $100. Also, if you have any...
  4. danyi

    Encore ENMAB-8CM external sound card: noticeable improvement for basic users

    Hi.   This, my first post here at head-fi, is intended primarily for on-a-budget music listeners like me, who likes and/or needs to squeeze the juice of the pennies.   I write this post to share a very specific experience that could be of help to someone. I'm not saying that the headphones...
  5. ENCORE ENMAB-8CM 7.1 Channel USB Audio Box

    ENCORE ENMAB-8CM 7.1 Channel USB Audio Box

    The 7.1 channel USB audio box with digital output offers an array of features for the best surround sound experience! It supports 48/44.1 KHz sampling rate for both playback and recording, dual microphone support. The ENMAB-8CM 7.1 channel USB audio box comes with a variety of connectors for...