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  3. tweaker829

    Elekit TU-882 modifiers Are you out there??

    I am a lucky owner of this fine amp and would like to link up with people familiar with it. Lots to do inside this one if one is so inclined. I would especially like to link up with  someone in the San Mateo , San Francisco area who owns one of these amps.Tweaker
  4. S

    High Resolution and Detailed USB DAC. $ 300-500 $

    I want  a high resolution , detailed , texturized , transparent DAC with Greatest SOUNDSTAGE in its price range. Of course I hate Harsh high and i have treble allergy .I want more Treble extension and More texturized and detailed sound.not more loud treble.     I have HD650 And Elekit...
  5. Jodet

    Elekit TU-882AS vs Ming Da MC84C07 MK II for HD800's?

    Any comments on this?     I'd probably update the Elekit with better tubes and caps, so the price difference would be small.    Anyone heard either (or both) with HD800's?    All comments welcome. 
  6. Elekit TU-882AS

    Elekit TU-882AS