1. trex998

    Earwerkz Legend Omega CIEM For Sale

    I am selling my Earwerkz Legend Omega in mint condition. Bought them brand new directly from Earwerkz (now rebranded as Empire Ears). I'd conservatively give them a 9.5/10 in condition, and that half point of deduction is only because they aren't brand new. Sitting in the drawer most of the...
  2. MadMusicJunkie

    Legend Omega - Delish..

    Ready for a new home, hopefully where a wife or husband appreciates them more :). Impeccable sound for all genres and a great BA bass, instrument separation and 3D Imaging. Posting them at a very low price for a quick sale. Comes with Stock Case as well as Nice Pelikan Case!
  3. moedawg140

    The EarWerkz Penta (EP-5) Discussion Thread

      EarWerkz recently announced on Twitter, the addition of a new 5 driver CIEM to their growing stable of universal and custom IEMs.  Above is the picture that was posted.  EarWerkz has been on a roll lately.  They have been in the business for many years, but really started to make traction in...
  4. moedawg140

    Review: EarWerkz Supra - The Universal Custom In-Ear Monitor

    EarWerkz Supra - The Universal Custom In-Ear Monitor       Thanks to EarWerkz for providing the professional picture.     It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the EarWerkz Supra!  How could I come to such a statement that would compare an IEM to one of the world’s most well-known and respected...