1. crazyeyes

    SOLD: DX220 with Amp8 only and 400gb micro SD card.

    Hi I have a DX220 in great condition that is lightly used with just Amp8 that I am looking to sell. The Amp8 has the matching glass panel to the DX220. I have the original box and all included accessories. Upon inspection I noticed a very small mark on the top corner of the player by the power...
  2. awayeah

    SOLD iBasso DX220 AMP1MKII

    For sale TOTL DAP from iBasso in very good condition - there's screen protector both on front and back of the device. Everything works just fine, no degradation in battery. Bought from official EU iBasso distributer in February 2019 (proof of purchase). Full set, with spare screen protectors...
  3. alavenue

    Closed [WTB] Fiio M15

    I would like to buy Fiio M15 dap. PM me an offer if you are looking to sell! I have 100% feedback on ebay with 179 reviews.
  4. kubig123

    Sold: iBasso Amp4s - New

    For sale a iBasso AMP4s. It comes with all the accessories and box it came in. it's in new condition. Selling it for $145, free shipping (Continental US only)
  5. B

    SOLD > iBasso DX220 with Amp1 Mk II, Amp3, Amp4s, Amp5 - (CONUS ONLY)

    Priced to sell I have an iBasso DX220 for sale. Along with the sale, I will include these other amps. Amp1 mk II, Amp3, Amp4s. Amp5 I will not part these out unless somebody wants the amps 3, 4s, and 5. I am the second owner to these items, but i have used them for less than two weeks. I...
  6. NaittsirK

    Ibasso Amp9 SOLD

    I have an Amp9 for sale. I have bought it this February new from Audio Heaven store in Poland. It's just been burned in , about 100hrs of use. I want to buy the Amp8ex as it will fit my already warmer sounding iems. Cheers
  7. varlik

    iBasso DX200 Stuck into Loader Mode Problem While Firmware Loading

    Hello everyone. I have an ibasso DX200. I used FactoryTool v_1.39 to install Lucker's DX200 firmware (Version 2.10.215). After installation on Factory Tool software, i couldn't start my device any way. Factory tool loading (download) firmware again and again... Downloading.. checking.. try to...
  8. aaf evo

    [FS] - iBasso DX220 Ex + AMP 8 Ex *SOLD *

    For sale is a hardware modified iBasso DX220 Ex unit, you can read more about it on Head-Fi if you're unfamiliar with it but anyone who is familiar with the DX220 probably know's what it is all about. The DAP comes with all original packaging and accessories EXCEPT for AMP 1 MK 2. So if you...
  9. hk29

    SOLD ibasso AMP9

    I have an iBasso AMP9 for sale. Its in great condition - no audio issues and physically looks to me pretty new, but i'm sure it has some small scratches if you look closely. It has probably less than 200 hours on it. I used it on my DX200 and it sounds great - and love the glow of the nutubes...
  10. arijitroy2

    IBasso AMP8 Fidelizer Signature Mod (SOLD)

    Since I have the AMP8EX-FE, i dont require this AMP8 anymore. This is the signature mod implementation that I had bought from Fidelizer. Here's the feedback i gave when i bought: https://www.fidelizer-audio.com/tag/signature-mod/ More on the mod...
  11. arijitroy2

    IBasso AMP8 Fidelizer Signature Mod (SOLD)

    Since I have the AMP8EX-FE, i dont require this AMP8 anymore. This is the signature mod implementation that I had bought from Fidelizer. Here's the feedback i gave when i bought: https://www.fidelizer-audio.com/tag/signature-mod/ More on the mod...
  12. aaf evo

    [WTS] - Astell Kern Ultima SP2000 SS *MINT w/ Dignis case*

    Need to sell this for now to put some funds towards a CIEM purchase. Will more than likely rebuy in the future. The DAP is in mint condition, I am the original owner. It comes with all original packaging and accessories as well as the black Dignis Alcantara case ($130 value). There are no dings...
  13. aaf evo

    [FOUND] - iBasso DX220

    Must come in mint/like new condition with all original packaging and accessories. I don’t need any extra amp modules with the iBasso dx220. Need it shipped to Houston, TX. thanks!
  14. rishabhgkp

    SOLD iBasso DX220 Amp1mkii

    IBasso DX220 with stock amp1mkii In good condition, sparingly used. In box with all accessories. Android interface with Dual Sabre DAC. Preferably will ship to India. PayPal extra if other than India. PM for pics or any queries. Cheers!
  15. kalo86

    [SOLD] iBasso AMP8 like new (30 hours usage)

    Hello All, I am selling a like-new unit of the iBasso AMP8 module with its balanced output 4.4mm Pentaconn jack. The product has less than 2 months of life! It's really new. No issues, no scratches, no problems. The product is still covered by Amazon guarantee. Price: 150 Euro with free...
  16. AEIOU9

    SOLD: iBasso DX220 + AMP 7 + AMP 9 Bundle

    Item was sold. The ultimate single ended bundle! Everything is in mint condition and comes in the original box. The DX220 includes the DX220, included case, charging cable, burn-in cable, co-axial cable and AMP 1.
  17. EarDrumExplode

    SOLD Selling iBasso DX 220 $650

    Selling my iBasso DX220 for $650. Its less than a month old and has all accessories. It’s in pristine condition. I’ll even throw in a 400gb SD card. Any questions just give me a DM.
  18. iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9 - New Amp card module for the DX portable series, DX220, DX150 and DX200 High Current Output Vacuum Nuntube AMP card for iBasso DX220, DX200, DX150 Portable players - 6th Gen Nutube Tubes by Korg & Noritake
  19. aaf evo

    [FS] - iBasso DX220 + AMP 9 + 2 additional TPU cases

    For sale is an iBasso DX220 in mint condition, it comes with all original packaging and accessories (AMP 1MK2 included), as well as AMP 9 with the packaging, and 2 TPU cases from Taobao with packaging and extra screen protectors also. It has Lurker0 mod installed so the Google Play store is...
  20. Tex Irie


  21. pumin

    [WTB] ibasso DX220

    hi there, I am looking for an iBasso DX220 DAP. If you have one for sale please let me know for more detail and please DM me your offers.
  22. icefalkon

    DX220-EX Impressions

    Hi there, I've started this thread to post my findings and impressions using the DX220-EX lent to my by @Whitigir . First I have to say that when I got it, it was paired with the AMP8-EX he modded for me. I listend and had to stop before my ears got spoiled with the sound. I moved the AMP8-EX...
  23. R

    [WTB] iBasso DX220

    Hello! I am looking for an iBasso DX220 DAP. EU sellers would be preferable. US sellers may approach and we will find a way that suits both parties. Please DM me your offers.
  24. AEIOU9

    SOLD: iBasso AMP 4S + Miter for DX150/DX200/DX220 & DX220 AMP Backplates

    For sale is an iBasso AMP4S, black Miter case and some extra amp backplates to match your DX220. I am not interested in trades so please don't offer them, cash only. See the bullets below for the price per item (including shipping & PayPal fees): AMP 4S: $150 USD Miter Case: $30 USD 2 Extra...
  25. aaf evo

    [FS] - Cayin N6ii

    I absolutely love everything about this DAP but the sound is a bit too warm for the sound signature I prefer and I like instant gratification so I do not want to wait for alternate motherboards, so I am going to go back to the DX220. This is about 10 days old, I am still within the return...